Just a note to say that Kellerwood is still open for business!

Just a note to say that Kellerwood is still open for business!

Sorry for being so quiet recently.

I have been seeing on LinkedIn forums that ‘now is the time to market’. They are probably right. The only thing is, for me, selling high end jewellery just does not sit right during this time. However, I wouldn’t take it from any other business trying to stay afloat right now.

For the last four weeks, I have been working in community social care. I thought this would be a sector screaming out for as many able bods as possible where I could be of some service during an emergency. This work has been a serious eye opener for me and something I am incredibly glad to be doing.

This being said – I have fulfilled orders from existing clients placed shortly prior to this pandemic with my suppliers doing an incredible job making sure any work was completed in time before the lockdown was placed.

As of Monday 4th May some of my primary sources will be working again whilst taking the necessary precautions. Therefore Kellerwood will be able to source fine diamond and gem set jewellery, in a limited capacity. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch albeit do bear with us during this situation.

Very best wishes and stay healthy.

Russell Wood