Keeping Food Fresh and Chilled This Summer Top Tips

Keeping Food Fresh and Chilled This Summer, Top Tips

Whether you’re working with an under-counter style, an integrated design or a larger American size fridge (like this one)– we’re sure you’re always looking for more room inside to keep food fresh.

. Here are eight, easy to implement fridge hacks to make room, avoid contamination and organise your cool storage space with no fuss.

Understand how to store food

Fridges are designed to store food in the correct way – however, not many people know this. Reserve the bottom shelf for raw meat – this means you won’t be dealing with any gross drips or contaminated foods if the bag breaks. Also, while the door might have a slot ideal for milk, it’s actually best stored in the main part of the fridge because the door changes temperature too often with it opening and closing. Salads and vegetables should be kept in the designated drawer and cheese and yoghurts on a top shelf out of the way.

Use plastic placemats on shelves to catch spills

Plastic placemats can be quickly pulled out, wiped and popped back in – ensuring no food gets into the nooks and crannies of the shelf. Plus, they can be used to add a pop of colour to the inside of the fridge – somewhere that doesn’t get much love. If you really don’t want to have to wipe anything and put it back in the fridge grab some cling film and wrap your shelves – when they get messy simply peel it off and throw it away!

Have a red box for soon to expire foods

Make it your mission to check for expired or close to expiring food each week and place anything with a shorter sell by date in a red box or basket in your fridge. This will remind you and your family that the items in this box need to be eaten first – hopefully reducing waste in the long run.

Sticky labels are great for organising

If you love your leftovers but are never sure when something is still good to eat, add a label to your tupperware with the date it was cooked. This means you can always see how old that leftover chilli or pizza is in the fridge and move it to that red box if it’s been in there a couple of days already to ensure someone eats it.

Use a turntable for easy access

Never lose that jar of mayo at the back of the fridge again, with a turning table (also called a lazy susan) that you can keep condiments on and spin around when you need a particular one. You can pick one of these up from a site such as Amazon, then simply disinfect and pop in the fridge.

Use baskets or boxes to store food separately

You can label these with what you want to hold in them but it’s a good idea to keep dairy, meat, vegetables and fruit all stored separately. Plus, you’ll know where everything is.

Keep an inventory on the fridge door with a wipeable marker

Every time you take something out or add it, amend it on the door so you know exactly what is in the fridge at all times. You could also do this with chalkboard paint and keep some chalk to the side to update this regularly.

Keep ziplock bags tidy with binder clips

Use binder clips to free up space and hang ziplock bags holding leftovers from wire shelves. It stops food from getting squished and easy to access – making it more likely you’ll eat those leftovers.

Ready to prep your fridge, to make the most of your space and keep things tidy at all times? Try out some of these hacks and share them with your friends too.