Kudu Blue

Kudu Blue

BAND NAME – Kudu Blue
BAND MEMBERS (names including instruments) -Clementine Douglas (Vocals), Tom Peterson (Bass guitar, synths), Owen Crouch (Keyboards, electronics), Dale Jones (Guitar), Creeda Kirkham (Drums).
Brief description of band (1 or 2 sentences) – “Kudu Blue are a Brighton-based 5 piece blending a range of nostalgia-tinged influences from 90’s trip hop and electronica through to 00’s garage.”
HOMETOWN: Brighton

How, when, and why did the band form? How long have you been together?
Tom and Owen have known each other since the first year of primary school, staying best mates ever since. They then met Creeda and Dale through mutual friends and various musical projects. Tom was also introduced to Clementine through mutual friends.

Who are you’re inspirations and why?
We’re all listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar at the moment. His fusion of Hip Hop and Jazz is particularly inspiring. Clementine’s a huge Michael Jackson fan. We all take influence from 90s Trip-hop and electronica, but to be honest we’re open to all types of music really.

What are the best assets and worst assets about the Brighton music scene, in your opinion?
The support everyone gives each other in Brighton is great and so encouraging. It’s a really inspiring community to be a part of. And you’re never too far from a decent gig or club night. However, the flip side to that is the city is almost over-saturated with amazing talent which makes it harder to be noticed. I suppose it makes you work extra hard though.

What is your favourite music venue to go to watch music in Brighton and why?
Patterns. The new sound system in there is mad. But you can’t beat going to see a show at The Dome.

What is your favourite music venue to play in Brighton and why?
Playing Concorde II with Hiatus Kaiyote back in November was incredible. A real benchmark so far.

Who is your favourite upcoming Brighton Bands?
We’re massive fans of Luo who are good friends of ours. As well as Mount Bank, Daisy Jean Russell, Lead Sister, Frankie Stew, and Grymm.

What are you most looking forward to about playing Paddle Round The Pier this year?

It’ll be summer! Everyone will (hopefully) be chilling and soaking in the atmosphere of the festival. Paddle Round The Pier has always had such a good vibe to it. It’s going to be great to be a part of it this year.

What else do you have coming up for 2016?
Fingers crossed we’ll have various tracks being released throughout the year. Gig-wise we’ve got Secret Garden Party coming up in July. And then some other exciting stuff in the pipeline. Should be a good year.