The Hair Parlour

Lewes’ Hairdressing Hub

The Hair Parlour in Lewes has built a great reputation in a short time and Daniel White finds out what it so appealing.

When you step into The Hair Parlour it is clear that you are not dealing with a Cowboy Hairdresser or any recently graduated part-timers – The Hair Parlour exudes class.

Founded and run by former West End dancer Darren Harker, The Hair Parlour in Lewes has its walls filled with French antique mirrors, while the shop’s interior has a rustic chic feel.

Darren opened his parlour in July last year and has already built such a following that he now has customers travelling from Brighton, London and Warwickshire to ensure they receive a top class cut from the man himself.

“I’ve picked up on lots of people who felt like there was nowhere that they wanted to go in Lewes, so I knew that business would be good for me opening here. Lewes is full of creative, artistic people as well as a lot of business people and there’s always people popping in and out of the shop so it’s a right little hub down here, it’s a lot of fun,” he explained.

Darren, 42, has been in the industry for over two decades, cutting hair for fashionistas such as Kate Moss, Elizabeth Hurley and Ellie Macpherson, yet, after so long he has never grown tired of his profession.

He said: “I started working in a friend’s shop when I was about 15 as a Saturday boy. I found hairdressing really easy, I got it very quickly. So I’ve been working in the industry for about 25 years now and I’ve found myself lucky that I found something that I could always work in that I love.”

Despite a stellar career in hairdressing, it is not the creative side of it Darren enjoys most, rather, the visitors he receives from day-to-day.

“The highlight of my shop is the people,” he smiled. “I think I enjoy doing what I do more than just hairdressing. I love my hairdressing but I love being around people, that’s one of my favourite things, so this is a perfect situation for me. I’m a lucky person to be able to come in and spend time with nice people and be creative.”