Life is Better Wetter with Brighton Water Shoes

Life is Better Wetter with Brighton Water Shoes

We interview the team behind the brand…

1) Explain to myself, the start up of the business and brand ? How did it begin?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to swim outside. The feeling of being completely immersed in water is something I enjoyed from an early age. When I moved to Brighton, my love of swimming only increased further with the sea at my doorstep! But swimming in Brighton brings its own challenges – namely, the pebbles! I was never satisfied with the water shoes available in the market, so I came up with my own solution. I wanted to create a product that was not only functional, but also visually appealing. This was the start of my journey in launching the Brighton Water Shoes brand.

2) What does the logo represent?

The Brighton Water Shoes logo is a representation of my love and pride for living in the wonderful city of Brighton and Hove. The logo features a retro B that resembles the Brighton Place Pier. The logo also resembles a sunset over the South Downs with waves below it. The design reflects the essence of Brighton and its stunning beaches.

3) Can you explain how the business has developed and what has been key to your success?

Brighton Water Shoes has come a long way since its inception. It was born out of my personal love for outdoor swimming and my search for a functional and beautiful water shoe. I leveraged my background in digital marketing to launch the business, including building my own website and handling the marketing efforts myself. This allowed me to bring my vision to life with my personal passion helping me reach my target audience. I have also dedicated a lot of time and energy into refining the product and the positive feedback from customers has been a major driving force behind the success of Brighton Water Shoes.

4) How did you pick the colours for your Brighton Water Shoes?

The colour selection for Brighton Water Shoes was influenced by the lively and vivid atmosphere of Brighton Beach. Sunburst yellow was chosen to evoke memories of summertime and the warm, sunny days spent on the beach. The bright and eye-catching lifebuoy orange is a colour synonymous with being on beaches and looks fantastic against the black logo. All future colours will all be inspired by the beautiful Brighton Beach!

5) What sets Brighton Water Shoes apart from other water shoes you can buy?

Brighton Water Shoes is different from other water shoes in the industry because it is designed specifically for the challenges of swimming on rocky beaches, with the right amount of rubber on the base for protection without being too heavy to swim in. They are super lightweight meaning you barely notice you have them on when swimming and the materials is fast drying. Additionally, the shoes come with a handy breathable, mesh storage bag, so you always know where your shoes are, and they can dry on the move.

6) How has the advent of social media impacted on you; I can see from your online presence you seem to embrace this?

Social media has been a game changer for Brighton Water Shoes. With thriving communities of sea swimmers up and down the country, and local groups in Brighton, I have been able to utilise this platform to share my story and passion for outdoor swimming in a more personal and relatable way. Plus, social media has made it easy for me to communicate directly with customers, answering any questions and getting their feedback. And the cherry on top – seeing customers share pics of themselves in the shoes – has helped spread the word and grow my business even more. I’m truly grateful for the impact social media has had on my business.

7) What can we expect in the future for Brighton Water Shoes?

Brighton Water Shoes has some exciting things in store! In Spring, I am bringing out my kids range – they are so diddy! A new colour will come out then too: Horizon Blue, which again is inspired by Brighton Beach – it is the colour blue you see in the very distance where the sky and sea meet. In the summer, expect a new Palace Pier Pink – it’s going to look fabulous!

8) How has being based in Brighton helped your business? Do you feel the regions high creativity levels have contributed to your further success?

Having my business based in Brighton has been such a huge asset! Being surrounded by so much creativity and entrepreneurial spirit has been a huge source of inspiration for me. I mean, you just have to look at Brighton Beach and all its gorgeous colours and the breath-taking sunsets over the sea! All of this has helped me stay motivated and keep up my drive. It’s amazing to be a part of such a thriving community.

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