Life Less Ordinary: 4 Alternative Places To Visit On A Night Out In Brighton

Ask locals about what makes a good night out in Brighton and you’ll probably hear the same places, landmarks, restaurants and venues talked about. In fact, you may have already visited the Brighton Music Hall, Proud Cabaret and The Green Door Store. In this guide, we’ll consider some alternative attractions after day has turned to night.

Loading Bar (Lower Promenade)

Inspired by the gaming cafes of Tokyo, Loading combines a social atmosphere with drink and video gaming. Its attraction is in the detailing; even the cocktails are inspired by popular video games. For console fans, there’s the obvious choices such as the Xbox One and PS4 while retro lovers will enjoy the SNES Mini. It’s great for groups as there are boardgames available as well so you don’t have to be a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer to enjoy a visit here.

The Caroline Of Brunswick (Ditchling Road)
Any alternative night out in Brighton requires a characterful, unique place to relax with a drink and good conversation. While The Caroline of Brunswick will often appear on “things to do” lists in the city, its offer of nerd nights, cabaret, LGBTQ+ events, stand-up comedy, acoustic sessions, yoga, acting workshops, and even an anti-Brexit open mic evening, makes it a venue with a difference. We Love Brighton writer Caroline Rundell lovingly remembers turning up for a Nerd Night and listening to enthusiastic guest speakers chatting about how ants find their home and the best ways to get mice off drugs.

Buzz Bingo Hall (Freshfield Way)
You never thought bingo would be your new go-to game did you? But it has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, both online and off. The BBC reported on Britain’s rediscovered love of the game in 2016 when increased investment was predicted to see spending hit £30 million a year in the bingo hall by 2019. Gala Leisure, which owns over 100 bingo clubs around the country, has carried out a major rebrand under the Buzz Bingo banner. The Brighton venue therefore boasts a contemporary refurbish with a more modern and stylish approach that still celebrates the traditions of the game.

GOVR Café (London Road)
To experience the best virtual reality, why not give GOVR Café a go. Here you can play with friends on single or multiplayer platforms after being hooked up to the latest VR headsets and control systems. You’ll need to book before you go but GOVR often has themed gaming nights to add to the fun. A concept that is still fairly unique, the café has only been around for a couple of years but has generated quite a bit of buzz. The fact it resides above the Presuming Ed Coffee House, an eccentric venue in itself, helps to make it a must-see on the “alternative” Brighton map.

First time visitors to Brighton might still want to sample the Dome, Brighton Rocks and The Bee’s Mouth but the city has so many attractions that picking the alternative route may be the more appealing and eye-opening choice!