hashtag hair

Lights, Camera, HASHTAG!

Having worked in the Beauty industry for over 10 years, whilst using the experience gained to work within the educational sector. It was a privilege to be asked to interview of the most popular independent Hair salon in Eastbourne, in which has recently been recognised for its commencement in being a training academy too.

Hashtag Hair is situated in Eastbourne. Co-owners sisters Kim and Orianne Tyrelle have created the perfect hairdressing salon to make you feel relaxed whilst getting your precious locks chopped! The sister’s philosophy is: by creating an environment in which helps clients relax ensures that they obtain the full experience of our services offered.

Hashtag Hair’s main goal is to continuously be educated in the science of hair and to continually educate the employee’s knowledge of this. This would include from the basics of cutting to performing their well-recognised and popular Brazillian keratin blow dry treatment.

An impressive sized salon with a grand window, enabling us to see the entire interior of the building. Spacious yet chic, with added colours of white, teal and pink.

As I enter the salon, the stylists are pristine from hair to toe. Each staff member has his or her own individual style. Current but still glamorous, the reception area has clients laughing and talking whilst there is a photo shoot being done on Hair-up styles. The owners, Sisters Orianne and Kim Tyrelle, greeted me at the reception area, as they were models having their hair done for a photo-shoot. Soon after meeting, we began the interview in their theory training room.

Use the words “Hashtag Hair” to describe how your business fits in this category?

Orianne – With Hashtag’s being the only used divider in social media; it just made sense to call our salon Hashtag Hair. We are constantly using social media to showcase our hairstyles whilst communicating with our clients. We feel this is great way for our students to build their portfolio too. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How did your hairdressing career start?

Kim– I started hairdressing when I was 14 and Orianne began when she was 15. To be honest I just wanted to earn money and the only other option was to continue with school. I was offered a trainee apprentice position full time in a small hairdressing salon in Frimey, Surrey. One of these days being the theory aspect taught upstairs within the salon. The Owner was an older Italian Man. He was strict, precise and would not tolerate any haircut unless it met his high standard. He crosschecked my haircuts even after I had qualified as a hairdresser.

Orianne – Do you remember when he used to shout at us in Italian Kim? I wish I knew what he was saying. (Laughing with kim as she says this)

As the owners of Hashtag Hair, what hairstyles & hair shades are you seeing for the AW2015 look?

Orianne– Industry-wide, I see hairstyles gravitating toward a more natural look yet adding a slight edge to the style. Hair-up styles are popular too especially leading up towards the winter. As for colouring, more copper, caramel and warmer tones for this season.

Explain the total ‘Hashtag Hair’ experience that a customer expects to receive when they enter your salon.

Kim– I’m blessed to have amazing staff, an exceptionally inviting building and a wonderful location in which to operate the kind of salon I always wanted to work in. We have abundant natural light, high ceilings and a tranquil environment. Even if you come in stressed, you can’t help but leave in a better mood. Our staff are upbeat, funny, sincere and professional. I’ve had many people express that they love coming into Hashtag Hair and feel like they’re walking into our home. That’s the impression I want people to leave with…rejuvenated relaxed, comfortable …plus good hair.

Orianne– At Hashtag Hair, we’re conscious of the importance of scalp massage, calmer music and respecting our client’s time. I hear from other salon owners that they’re focused on similar ambient concerns. Salons are more about the whole package now, not just a place to get a haircut. The professionals working at Hashtag hair are all health-conscious too and we promote this.

Which treatment is popular within Hashtag Hair salon?

Orianne – Definitely the Keratin Blow dry. We work with many different hairdressers and have done over the years. I have managed to build a great relationship with hair care specialists in the UK and Brazil. Whom, I regularly correspond with for upcoming products. Having researched the ingredients used within their specific Keratin blow dry treatment and after testing this out- we now only use their treatment, which is specially flown in from Brazil to ensure the best only is used on our clients.

Kim -. Using the latest formula this treatment is very popular and clients love the low maintenance your style requires after the treatment. With Keratin being the main ingredient in this product, this adds shine and makes straightening your hair a lot easier whilst using less time. Our clients feel really special when they know the product we use for the Keratin blow dry is flown over from Brazil. One of our closest friends has a well-recognised salon in Brazil and he uses the same Product on his clients. These include many celebrity clients.

Explain the Academic side to Hashtag Hair?

Kim explains that the ‘Original’ way of barbering and hairdressing ensures the style required for the clients are exceptional, whilst making the creative art in which us hairdressers provide for the client easier to achieve.

I feel the experience we have gained over the past 20 years, from starting my hairdressing apprentice to managing nationally recognised hair salons has lead us to offer the experience gained to our trainee stylists. This includes merchandising, hair care product knowledge, professionalism and more.

Our salon offers the space and provides students to gain the experience required to be in a salon.”