A Little Bit Naughty

If you fancy a night of fun and frolics then Dirty Bare could be for you

There aren’t that many Burlesque nights available in our city, particularly ones with free entrance, so it’s rather marvellous that Patterns (formally known as Audio) has bridged that gap with free to enter Burlesque nights.

They usually take place once a month but it is worth keeping your eye on Patterns website to check out any special Dirty Bare events, such as the upcoming valentine’s special.

The crowd here is eclectic, trendy, up for cheeky fun and very, very ‘Brighton’. Dirty Bare takes over the bar at the top of Patterns, which is large enough for the crowd that arrives but small enough to feel intimate which is just what you want at this kind of show. Tables can be reserved around the stage but be quick on that as there are only a few, however this is where you want to be if you want to get involved.

The Compare ,’Dolly Rocket’ is viciously funny, (I would not want to get on the wrong side of her). Plucking men’s spectacles from their heads and hiding them in her more-than voluptuous cleavage, (“Come and get them boys!”), picking out various people in the audience to bring laughter upon and singing in an actually spectacular voice. She really is very good indeed and my friends and I were in hysterics.

As the cocktails flow, which they do as they are only £5 a drink, which s incredibly cheap for Brighton, and I can tell you they do not scrimp on flavour or alcohol…my head the next day will vouch for that…the laughter increases. You cannot help but be swept up in the raucous atmosphere here.

The night I visited there were acts such as, stocking clad, burlesque dancer, ‘Lady Marmaduke’, who is actually the manager of the bar and the brain child behind the Dirty Bare nights and ‘Lou Safire’, who’s act of banging a nail in the tip of his nose and staples in his arms, while wiggling around the stage in his silver hot pants was wincingly entertaining…one of those to watch through your fingers!

Cheeky and cute came in the shape of ‘Coco Deville’, dressed in balloons that she popped seductively as she danced around the stage leaving herself dressed in crystal tassled, barely-there pants and pasties. This girl makes getting naked on stage look sexy, sweet and innocent! I know go figure!

We were graced with bearded ‘Dave Bear’ in his red glittery mankini, a bit of a geezer until he sung in a high pitched female sounding voice and the incredibly sexy ‘Xarah Xavier’ who is incredibly hot and obviously likes the taste of cream in a can!

Be aware if you are a wallflower don’t sit too close to the stage or let your friends cajole you in to taking part, although it was with great merriment that I watched a couple of guys take part in a visiting act from LA. One of the poor boys looked completely out of his comfort zone, while the other got completely involved and stole the show.

If you fancy dressing up in your vintage, glittery finery and watching a show that is risqué but purely entertaining fun, washed down with fabulous cocktails then this is surely a night for you.