Liv Cornall, nature inspired contemporary furniture designer and maker, opens in Brighton.  

Liv Cornall, nature inspired contemporary furniture designer and maker, opens in Brighton.

Liv Cornall debuts her award-winning furniture design business in Brighton, looking to the local landscape to inspire her range of handmade, modern pieces.

Brighton, November 2019: Recently relocated to East Sussex, Liv Cornall designs and crafts beautiful furniture, inspired by the details of the natural world. Her work aligns with the principles of biophilic design – the belief that human beings have an innate connection with the natural environment and that this connection improves our quality of life. It is an ethos that resonates deeply with Liv, who finds both the calm and the vision to create within nature – and who can often be found sketching while on the beach or perched in a tree.

“In a tech-obsessed society, closeness to the tangible beauty of nature can provide a feeling of serenity and solidity, offering perspective in our busy lives. My work invites the essence of the natural world into your home to encourage a similar feeling”.

This designer and maker uses local wood to craft contemporary pieces that bring nature into the urban home and includes stunning tables, lamps, wine racks, shelving and decorative accessories. Liv uses hidden joinery within her pieces, preferring attention to be focused on the free-flowing, organic shapes of the pieces, which are all finished with a blend of natural oils and wax to enhance the unique grain and character of the materials used.

“I see the curve of the sea waves and it reminds me of the curve of the rolling hills or a curly wood grain, then the image becomes a piece of furniture. Everything in nature is linked so some people relate my work to the beach when others see countryside – I love that it means something different to everyone”.

The ‘Wavy’ coffee table for example, blends waves of sustainable English oak that follow the natural lines and grain of the wood. The organic curves come from Liv’s love of the ocean, woodland and local countryside, all combined in the reflective look of a calm sea and the gentle strength of the wood.

Liv has honed her craft over many years, starting out as the only girl in her woodwork class at school, and later, armed with a Furniture and Product Design degree, she worked for design studios in Italy, Somerset and London before starting her own design studio and moving to Brighton. Liv also has a family connection to the furniture business and in fact, she still uses some of her grandfather’s cabinet-making tools in her workshop today.

With a Grand Designs ‘LOVES’ Award under her belt and ambitious plans for exciting new designs, new concepts and female-focussed wood-workshops in the future, Liv looks set to make waves on the Brighton interiors scene.

Contact Liv Cornall:
+44 (0) 7792 944 682