Local charity urges Brighton & Hove residents to help young homeless people this Winter

They are out there…… Local charity urges Brighton & Hove residents to help young homeless people this Winter


The Clock Tower Sanctuary – a charity that supports homeless young people in Brighton & Hove – is launching its ‘they are out there’ appeal aiming to raise £20,000 to support the homeless young people who are on the streets this Winter.

The charity’s ‘they are out there’ appeal highlights that as the nights grow darker and the freezing sea winds pick up, vulnerable young people, some just 16 years old, are sleeping on the streets, scared, wary and alone.

Brighton & Hove has the second largest homeless population in the UK[1]. This stressful, isolating and traumatic experience has a major impact on mental health. Forty-four percent of homeless people have been diagnosed with a mental health condition[2] as the physical toll of sleeping outside offers no security and no stability. Christmas is a painful reminder is what they’ve lost or never had.

Frances Duncan, CEO at The Clock Tower Sanctuary, said: “With welfare reform changes and the housing crisis in the City, The Clock Tower Sanctuary is seeing an increasing number of young people seeking our help’.

“We are so grateful to Brighton & Hove residents who always rise to the challenge to help us. We are asking for your help again – please donate and give vulnerable young people a brighter future. £20 can pay for a young person to have a shower, a hot meal, and a place to belong.”

Dandi, aged 22 says “there is nothing worse than being homeless and alone. With The Clock Tower Sanctuary’s support, I’ve got a home and a job. I would really like to become a youth worker one day and give back the help I have been given.”

You can hear Dandi’s full story at www.thects.org.uk

To help those that are out there please donate at www.thects.org.uk

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