Local pizzeria smashes fundraising target in support of food waste charity

Local pizzeria smashes fundraising target in support of food waste charity

Fatto a Mano pizzerias are committed to providing high quality pizzas, sides and drinks in local communities, at prices accessible to all. This extends to wanting to help our communities improve our food system, including by supporting food waste charity, FareShare Sussex.

Rupert Davidson, founder of Fatto a Mano says “Fatto a Mano are conscious of our role within the community we serve and believe strongly in giving back. The team are really pleased to be supporting the hard work FareShare do in minimising waste and in feeding those in need”.

Fatto a Mano have partnered with the independent local charity, FareShare Sussex, in supporting FareShare’s mission of trying to ensure that no good food goes to waste. Their focus is on addressing two growing issues; hunger and food waste in the community.

Sabrina Carter, FareShare’s Fundraising and Communications Manager told us, “We know that collaborating with the community, public, food industries and ethical business like Fatto a Mano are vital in tackling these critical issues”.

The collaboration on their first fundraising project was an overriding success. Fatto a Mano donated 10p from each pizza bought by their customers throughout December 2018, to hit a fundraising target in order to donate a large-scale bread slicer to FareShare.

“Bread is our most wasted food product in the UK, in Brighton alone we throw away about 91,000 slices a day! Therefore, I knew we needed to establish partnerships with restaurants like Fatto a Mano to tackle the bread waste issue”.Sabrina adds.

Having their own bread slicer will enable FareShare to achieve their zero-waste bread target by slicing and splitting loaves to distribute to charities who will receive more of the 350 un-sliced bread loaves that Fareshare rescue. This will support more of the disadvantaged and hungry, who struggle to buy food, across Sussex.