The London Dungeon launches new truly terrifying show, The Surgeon, for the return of Halloween. Guests will come face to face with The Surgeon as he sharpens his tools and welcomes them into his surgery for a visit they will never forget.



The home of Halloween, the London Dungeon, is pulling out all the scream inducing stops this year to create a truly terrifying experience for anyone ready to test their mettle and explore London’s darkest history this scary season.

The infamous characters Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper, Mrs Lovett and the Plague Doctor have been saving up the scares, sharpening their tools and even recruiting a new chilling character for a show that is the scariest yet, to mark the return of Halloween to the London Dungeon.

To celebrate the South Bank attraction is ramping up the ‘scary’ in all its shows, and launching ‘The Surgeon’, a brand-new show that deep dives into the devilish practice of surgery in the Victorian era and runs from the 9th to the 31st of October.

A modern day visit to a surgeon is a far cry from the hospitals of the Victorian era. They were the stuff of nightmares and riddled with disease, meaning often surgeons were little more than butchers. There was no concept of germs or infections, and surgeons wore the same blood-soaked apron for every operation. It was seen as a badge of honour.

Guests will join the gallery of an old operating theatre and watch through gritted teeth as the surgeon – reeking of rotting flesh, wearing a blood-soaked apron, and carrying out his work with frightening fervour – cuts and chops his way through the horrendous history of Victorian age surgery with stomach churning sound effects and no anaesthetic.

Be careful not to get too close, you may find yourself part of the surgeon’s demonstration – and not many escaped the surgeon’s knife alive…

Speaking about the plans for Halloween as well as the arrival of a new show, a London Dungeon spokesperson said: “We are beyond excited to show guests what we have been planning for the spooky season. As the home of Halloween, we’re going bigger and better than ever before with even more frights and scares designed to leave your underwear as clean as a Victorian surgery – filthy! See you there, if you dare!”

The new London Dungeon show ‘The Surgeon’ is running from 9th to the 31st of October and is included in the standard ticket price.

With 19 shows and thrilling rides, the London Dungeon promises to bring the city’s dark history to life delivering ample scream-drenched stories and fear-inducing shocks for a summer holiday experience that you’ll never forget.

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