Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company presents Raíces at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2022

Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company presents Raíces at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2022

The flamenco dance company will perform its acclaimed show on the 25th of May at Komedia Brighton

Brighton, 16th May 2022. The flamenco dancer Lourdes Fernández and her company will perform their acclaimed show Raíces on the 25th of May at Komedia Brighton, within the 2022 edition of the Brighton Fringe. As a call to neophytes and aficionados of this dance and music genre, the London based group will bring to the festival’s audience a heterogeneous interpretation of Flamenco, designated World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

Raíces (Roots) was imagined and created during the first confinement period in 2020 and premiered at the Salisbury Festival in 2020 by the Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company. Without losing purity and depth, this project was conceived to universalise Flamenco, bringing it to a wide and diverse audience. The show, 2 hours lasting, departs from traditional flamenco in search of an eclectic style of music inspired by folk, Andalusian copla, jazz and middle Eastern inspired style. The dance, as well as the music in it, displays carefully studied and rehearsed acts, but the attentive spectator will be able to capture original moments of improvisation.

“… the evening promised ‘to bring Flamenco to a wide and diverse audience [ … ] The result was astounding – intense, skillful and full of passion, and not just from the incredible company on stage, but the enthusiastic and enthralled audience as well!”  Ian Waller

“Her stage presence has grown and her dancing matured from good to inspiring”  Carole Edrich

Wednesday, 25 May

Komedia Brighton (44-47 Gardner Street BN1 1UN)


General £18

Dance/Lourdes Fernández

Percussion/Demi García Sabat

Guitar/Adrián Solá

Voice/Mónica García

Violin/Fuensanta Zambrana-Ruiz Dressmaking/Lázaro Fernández