Mad City, New Style Botanical White Rum 

Mad City, New Style Botanical White Rum

The Ultimate Tipple for Rum Fans, Cocktail Lovers and Curious Drinkers

West Sussex, July 16:  Looking for something new, fun and delicious to drink? Welcome to Mad City Botanical Rum, a premium white rum enhanced and invigorated with a recipe of 25 botanicals from Foxhole Spirits, the creators of HYKE Gin. (Pre-orders for the limited edition first batch from today at  £29 – 70cl).[1] @foxholespirits #madcityrum

Launching on July 23, featuring an eye-catching label designed by urban artist Sled-One, Mad City Botanical Rum takes rum to new and extraordinary heights with more depth, more flavour, and more complexity than ever before; ‘Soft mocha with citrus and tropical fruits on the palate, with hints of vanilla, warm spices and pecan nuts’.

This isn’t a flavoured rum, or a spiced rum. It’s Mad City Botanical Rum – the ultimate tipple for rum fans, cocktail lovers and curious drinkers who are looking beyond gin.

Three easy to recreate at home cocktails

A drinks-cabinet essential, Mad City works beautifully in all classic rum based drinks. To help you enjoy Mad City to its full potential, Foxhole Spirits has perfected three delicious signature cocktails – including a ‘DIY’ Hard Seltzer – which are easy to make at home and showcase the unique characteristics of this new spirit to the max.

Mad City signature cocktails

The perfect low sugar cocktail – Mad City Hard Seltzer: Mad City Rum •  Coconut Water • Sparkling Mineral Water • Orange Zest.  Mad City’s botanicals combined with sweet citrus zest for a refreshing hit.
A mad twist on a classic – Mad City Daquiri: Mad City Rum • Lime Juice • Acacia Honey • Basil Leaf • Orange Twist. The ultimate citrus elevation of Mad City’s flavour profile balanced with a herbaceous twist.
The Dark & Stormy reboot – Mad City Solstice: Mad City Rum • Rosso Vermouth • Ginger Ale. An easy-to-make yet complex take on one of the most popular cocktails in the world – the Dark & Stormy.
A delicious rum in a class of its own

Foxhole Spirits – specialists in creating luxurious spirits distilled with sustainable resources – has carefully sourced 100% Fairtrade certified rum made from sugar cane molasses, a natural by-product of the sugar industry from four of the best rum producing countries in the world; Jamaica, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Barbados[2] to create a unique base blend with great balance and flavour. Back in the distillery in England, the rum is blended and distilled with a mix of 25 botanicals, with no sugar added after distillation, to create Mad City.

Bottle art

Foxhole Spirits commissioned Bristol-based urban artist Sled-One to design an original art work for the Mad City label. Inspired by the pulsating energy of the city’s Stokes Croft and St Paul’s areas, the design features Sled-One’s surreal style with bold lines, vibrant colours and myriad details. It encapsulates the complexity, vibrancy and intrigue, not just of Bristol, but of all the other Mad Cities across the globe.

Two versions of Sled-One’s representations of Mad City, including one hundred and fifty, limited edition, hand-pulled screen prints, signed and numbered by the artist will be available to buy from