What Makes A Modern Gentleman?

What Makes A Modern Gentleman?

A gentleman is someone who looks his best at all times, has impeccable manners, humility, and certainly an element of cool. Which modern celebrities spring to mind when you think of these things? Idris Elba, Daniel Craig and Leonardo DiCaprio all fit the bill, and are three of the most sought after stars in Hollywood at the moment. Looking at these people is a good place to start when thinking about the traits of the modern gentleman.

Idris Elba: a sebesség megszállotja

Idris Elba: a sebesség megszállotja” (CC BY 2.0) by lwpkommunikacio

Idris Elba made his name in the Wire, but it was his role as the brilliant detective, John Luther, that brought him into the Hollywood spotlight. He was recently the best-dressed man at the Met Gala, wearing an immaculate Tom Ford tuxedo, and many internet polls consider him to be one of the coolest men alive. The man is the definition of the modern English gentleman, with perhaps his two most redeeming features being his charm and likeability. He has even been touted as possibly taking over as the next James Bond.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Arabani

Which brings us on to the current James Bond. The coolest spy in the history of espionage is a gentleman that has stood the test of time. Although earlier portrayals of 007 have been accused as being somewhat chauvinistic, character has evolved over time and now Daniel Craig’s protagonist has all the features of a modern gent with some of the old traits as well.

Bond still loves a bit of a gamble, as he showed in the high stakes poker tournament in Casino Royale, but he also now has respect for women and treats them as they should be treated- as equals. That doesn’t stop him from occasionally charming the pants off them though. If you want to be like Bond, you will have to brush up on your casino playing skills, as the spy always moves his chips with confidence and purpose. Playing casino games at Titanbet Casino and other online casinos give players a chance to get their confidence up before showing off their moves in big money games on the casino floor.

BC-Filmed DiCaprio Movie "The Most Difficult Any Of Us Have Ever Done"

“BC-Filmed DiCaprio Movie ”The Most Diffi” (CC BY 2.0)  by Speaker resources

Leonardo DiCaprio recently picked up his first ever Oscar this year for his breath-taking performance in the Revenant. His character in the film was ripped apart by a bear and buried alive, leaving the actor looking far from his best, but he reminded the public just how good he can look when he showed up to collect his award. At the ceremony he was wearing a perfectly fitted Giorgio Armani suit, but it was his humble and gracious acceptance speech that showed what a true gentleman he has become. Film viewers have seen the actor blossom and flourish, from his early roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Titanic, to his more defined performances in The Departed and The Revenant. He has certainly grown into a fine role model for future generations.

You don’t have to look much further than these three class acts to define the modern gentleman, and hopefully more men can replicate them in the future.