Julien Plumart Macaroons

Master of the Macaron

By Anya Zervudachi

I must admit, it certainly doesn’t feel too much like a hard days work as I step into Julien Plumart’s Boutique Et Salon de Thé, on Duke Street in the centre of Brighton.

In contrast to the striking, dark grey exterior of the boutique, I am immediately transported to the most magnificent world of colour beyond. I can barely believe that moments before I was traipsing through the dreary streets to have stepped into the most wonderfully lavish Parisian Patisserie.

Aside from the truly immaculate interior of Julien’s Boutique, I find myself totally submerged in this colorful world, surrounded by some of the most delicious looking creations I have ever set eyes on.

I am greeted warmly by a member of staff and shown to a table up stairs in the Salon du Thé. I don’t hesitate to order an Americano coffee, (at £2.00) as I always find this a good choice to gage the quality of the coffee.

The first thing I notice whilst browsing the menu, is that despite its appearance and the air of sophistication about the place, the Salon is actually extremely reasonably priced.

I ask for a recommendation and am assured L’ultime Tarte Au Chocolate (The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tart at £4.45 eat in) is something only my waistline will ever regret ordering. Taking my January diet into careful consideration, I decide it only polite to order myself a Raspberry and a Pistachio macaron whilst I’m here.

As the delicacies arrive I am genuinely stunned. The Chocolate Tart could be described as one of most beautiful pieces of culinary artwork I have ever seen.

On top of the delicious looking dark chocolate mousse, sits a perfectly formed quenelle of thin white chocolate, which I soon discover is filled with an amazingly rich decadent white chocolate mousse. Each mouthful of this chocoholics dream is enjoyed immensely, although I soon realise the macarons are going to have to come home with me as I can barely eat another bite.

The coffee is also extremely good, with a smooth deep flavor missing that tinge of bitterness you often find. The Americano also works particularly well as an accompaniment to my decadent Chocolate tart, cutting through the richness perfectly.

Julien opened his first business – Cocoa Patisserie on Queens Road – in 2008, which is soon to become a brand new Julien Plumart Cafe and Patisserie. Julien has over 20 years experience, training and working in some of the top establishments in France and the UK. His past includes working along side renowned chef Raymond Blanc and recently being accredited to L’ecole de la Patisserie Lenotre Paris for his advanced macaron training and years of experience.

If you are yet to have sampled the delights at Julien Plumart Boutique et Salon de Thé, I would highly recommend you drop in to either of his fabulous patisseries and treat yourself to something scrumptious. Failing that, you will soon be able to order online and have his wonderful macarons delivered straight to your door within 24 hours, absolutely perfect for dinner parties or as a birthday present or as a gift to your love one for Valentine.

Julien Plumart macarons also make wonderful wedding or party favours, and if you’re looking for something particularly unique and spectacular on your wedding day, his macaroon wedding cakes are extremely special and not to missed.

Clare my macaron fanatic friend have confessed “since JPB has open in Duke Street I haven’t  been to Laduree in London only because Julien’s macaron are far better with a wider choice of flavor, they are cheaper and right here in Brighton. Thank you JP