Mike Wozniak

Master Of The Moustache

The instantly identifiable Mike Wzoniak heads to Brighton this month for the Fringe Festival and Daniel White spoke to him about his moustache, Brighton and being skint

A large, well-groomed moustache, a bow tie and a self-deprecating persona hardly camouflage Mike Wozniak.

“I’ll try and blend in to whatever scenario I’m chucked in,” begins Wozniak. “And I’ll usual fail because I’ve got a very large bushy moustache, so I’m immediately recognizable.”

The stand-up comedian will be performing towards the back end of this month’s Fringe Festival at The Warren coming off the back of a number of personal highlights, including nomination for the Best Comedy Show at Edinburgh Fringe 2013.

After working with close friend Greg Davies and Rik Mayall on TV show Man Down, the actor, comedian and writer is excited to be making the trip to Brighton.

“I can’t wait!” Wozniak confesses. “Brighton’s bloody lovely, it’s always a very nice place to gig. It’s a place where people are quiet open minded and I get the sense when I’m in Brighton that half the people there are just generally experimenting in life in general. So if you’re trying to do a new show, people generally give you the benefit of doubt; there are not many places like that.”

While his show ‘Master of Disguise’ is still a work-in-progress, it has earned rave reviews and is sure to unveil some hidden truths.

He says: “The intention is meant to be fairly honest and fire truth arrows into the eyes of the audience. It’s supposed to be me exposing my ugly side and shameful thoughts.”

Wozniak has spent many years working on his stand-up and signed off from the interview by offered up a friendly piece of advice for anyone looking to try their hand in the business.

“Stick at it and be prepared to be skint for a long time,” he reflects. “Also not to worry about being skint because if you’re doing it, then you’ll know lots of other people that are skint, who are excellent human beings. You will find a way of having fun together in a way that’s possible if you’re skint… white spirit is cheap!”

Mike will be performing at The Burrow at The Warren on May 24th, 25th and 26th at 3.30pm so to book tickets or for more information visit www.warrenvenue.com