Meet the space experts and see the stars in virtual reality at Eden this summer

Meet the space experts and see the stars in virtual reality at Eden this summer

Tales of space exploration and a cosmic virtual reality show are among a galaxy of activities thrilling visitors at the Eden Project’s Journey Into Space programme this summer. Eden is hosting daily talks by space experts from institutions such as the European Space Agency and National Space Academy so everyone can find out what it’s like to live as an astronaut, how to create a career in space, all about the mission to Mars and whether alien life really exists.

One of the star speakers is Maddie Moate, children’s presenter of Cbeebies’ Do You Know? The TV host will explain how rockets work and lead a fun lesson in robotics with her session called Maddie’s Mission to Mars on September 2 and 3. Other experts include space journalist Kate Arkless Gray, who will explain on August 23 how astronauts stay healthy and have a cup of tea in microgravity. Simon Rix from Roseland Observatory will discuss the possibility of discovering life on other planets on August 20 andSophie Allan from the National Space Academy will look at what it takes to be part of the next generation of space explorers on August 31 and September 1.

All the half-hour talks are included in admission and take place daily at midday and 1.45pm in the Mediterranean Biome until September 3. More details are listed at

For an immersive exploration of our cosmos, visitors can don a virtual reality headset and be wowed by a 360°, 3D science documentary being shown in the centre of Eden’s outdoor gardens. We Are Stars looks at big questions such as ‘what are we made of?’ and ‘where did it all come from?’ and features expert input from leading scientists and cosmologists, plus an original soundtrack.

The 10-minute seated experience runs every day until September 3 inside the outdoor gardens yurt, starting on the hour at 20 past and 20 to from 10.20am. The last show of the day is at 7.20pm Mondays–Thursdays and at 5.20pm Fridays–Sundays. Tickets for We Are Stars cost £7 and are available on a first-come first-served basis on the day itself and are not bookable online.

The suggested minimum age for the experience is 13 years. Children below this age can attend with permission from a parent or guardian but we advise that the content is not of interest to children under six. For people of all ages there are daily storytelling sessions involving a madcap mission to the International Space Station. The Great Cornish Take-Off is full of laughs – and a little bit of science – and is suitable for all ages. It takes place in the Mediterranean Biome every day at varying times.

All these activities are part of the spectacular Journey Into Space programme this summer, which includes the interplanetary tour the Solar System Safari, a chance to train as an astronaut and even meet an alien. Inside the Core Building visitors can check out the one-off Renault Twizy moon exploration vehicle at Renault’s space-themed exhibit, and find out more about how electric vehicles work.

Eden is open during summer evenings until 8pm on Mondays to Thursdays – when there is discounted entry after 3.30pm – and 6pm Fridays to Sundays. Chris Pritchard, Eden’s programme producer, said: “Journey Into Space is our biggest summer programme at Eden ever and everyone is being blown away by the range of exciting space activities we have to offer.”

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