memories of india

Memories of India…

Unforgettable Indian cuisine that will see you heading back to Brighton Marina for more!

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked. “Memories Of India, please,” I replied. “Oh, that’s a great choice,” he said. “I always have a great meal there. You really can’t go wrong with any of their dishes!”

After trailing through the list of delicious dishes he’d tried and tested at the Marina’s longstanding Indian restaurant (and making my mouth water in the process!), we pulled up outside and it was finally time to see if proof was in the pudding… or well, in this case; the curry.

Located on the first floor, in a spacious and contemporary corner setting, we were warmly welcomed by Shah (owner Ali – who was busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen –‘s son). Luckily, whilst there was only two of us dining, we were sat at a table for four, which allowed space for all the food that came our way…

The restaurant was one of the first to open at the Marina and from their extensive menu; you can see that, over the last fourteen years, the team have worked hard to ensure that they’re not the run-of-the-mill curry house, serving only the stereotypical dishes. Instead, the dishes, which along with the traditional favourites (Chicken Tikka Masala, Korma and Bhuna), also include some authentically Indian choices like Massala Lamb Shank (oven cooked lamb shank, marinated with massala gravy), Nariyal Ka Gosht (lamb cooked in coconut milk tempered with fresh coconut, mustard and curry leaf) and the popular North Indian main Murgh Makhani (off the bone chicken cooked in the tandoor and combined with a rich, creamy and buttery sauce).

memories of india

Whilst deliberating over which dishes to choose (you can imagine this was a difficult decision, with so much choice!), we started the flavour party with some Papadums and complementing pickles and chutneys, before finally settling on our starters.

I opted for the Chicken Tikka – succulent chunks of fresh chicken marinated in spices, cooked over flaming charcoal, whilst my dining partner chose a Mixed Platter – a plethora of Memories of India’s flavour-filled starters, including an Onion Bhaji, Lamb Samosa and the Chicken Tikka.

A glass of red later and before we knew it; a fragrant trolley, full of food was coming our way. Pilau rice, Tarka Dahl, Methi Sag (spinach with fenugreek and fresh coriander), Vegetable Madras, Chicken Dansak and a sneaky suggested dish from Shah – the Massala Lamb Shank, filled our four seater table and we dived straight in.

We HAD to kick-off this feast fit for a king (and queen!) with the lamb shank – a tender and tasty dish. The lamb melted in our mouths and, combined with the spicy massala gravy, caused mmm’s and aahh’s all-round. I can certainly see why Shah surprised us with this special dish. No words can describe just how delicious it was!

We then delved into the vegetarian sides of creamy Tarka Dahl and Methi Sag: a fresh and light duo of true Indian tastiness, before spooning pilau rice and our main dishes onto our plates.

memories of indiaMy Vegetable Madras packed a perfect punch, but it wasn’t just about the fiery heat; my main was backed up by a selection of fresh carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, chillies and that famous spicy tomato sauce. Don’t get me wrong; I love a hot curry but many of the madras’ I’ve eaten in other curry houses and from takeaways have aimed for heat, over flavour – both of which I’m pleased to say were a-plenty in this mighty madras.

My dining partner enjoyed his Chicken Dansak, describing it as the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. We were also pleasantly surprised that all dishes looked natural (there’s none of that bright OTT use of food colouring here), a fact owner Ali prides himself on, telling us that, refreshingly; the colour of his curries are only enhanced by using natural ingredients.

After indulging in so much food, we quickly became full and like so many other diners that evening, also asked for a goody bag to takeaway and enjoy the dishes all over again the following day.

After bidding a fond farewell to the team, our taxi arrived and as we left the Marina, we knew that we would definitely be heading back for more soon…
Memories Of India, 9B The Board Walk, Waterfront, Brighton Marina

01273 600088