Message for Absolute Readers From The Seychelles

Message for Absolute Readers From The Seychelles

What started as a year full of promises turned into one filled with uncertainties. Our world has been blindsided by a vicious pandemic, rippling right through our beloved tourism industry.

One thing for sure is that this year has brought things into perspective for many of us.

As a country, we remain hopeful that the tourism industry will be restored to its full glory, with flights returning to our beautiful islands and intensive safety measures ensuring visitor’s welfare being the first steps towards recovery.

Hidden away in the middle of the Indian Ocean, our Seychelles Islands have retained its pristine allure, offering a realm of escape for all those who walk upon its pearly shores and the hope that not all is lost after witnessing beauty beyond their imagination.

The charm of our people can be felt through our renowned creole hospitality; opening our home to those longing for a sanctuary, a place where their worries are far behind.

As we witness the fragile nature of humanity, we are forced to take time to reconnect with our loved ones and the earth we have taken for granted. What better place to accomplish this than under the tropical sun surrounded by lustrous, turquoise waters and the sweet, summer breeze dancing through our lush, tropical rainforests.

Our people yearn to share our spectacular fiery sunsets, vibrant flora and fauna, rich flavours of our cuisine and the fierce spirit of our ancestry with guests from every corner of the world.

With safety being our top priority, our safety procedures, location and the seclusion of our accommodations ensure our visitors are at ease as they savour the complete Seychelles experience.

Despite all the chaos occurring across the globe, our tiny home offers a safe getaway for all those seeking shelter from the storm of the pandemic.

Sherin Francis

Chief Executive

Seychelles Tourism Board