M+LKPLUS Launches the First Ever ‘Grab And Go’ Flavoured Oat Milk in Recyclable ‘Grab and Go’ Bottle

M+LKPLUS Launches the First Ever ‘Grab And Go’ Flavoured Oat Milk in Recyclable ‘Grab and Go’ Bottle

Alternative milk brand M+LKPLUS has added an oat milk variety to its existing range. The thick and creamy chocolate orange formula is low in sugar, fortified with vitamin D, calcium and now with added vitamin B12. The new flavour continues to innovate in the market as the first ‘grab and go’ 330ml flavoured oat milk.

For the launch M+LKPLUS has redesigned its packaging which comes in a striking orange and pink bottle, the packaging is lightweight, easy to transport and 100% recyclable. The aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives, with a shelf life of 6 months.

Chocolate Orange Oat joins existing flavours Salted Honeycomb Hazelnut and Strawberry Cheesecake Cashew already making waves in the market. Founder Camilla Ainsworth from The Apprentice 2018 set up M+LKPLUS to appeal to everyday consumers looking to cut down on their everyday dairy consumption.

Camilla says: ‘‘At M+LKPLUS we are always one step ahead of the game and with oat milk seeing a huge surge in popularity this year, we wanted to create the first flavoured oat milk available in a ‘grab and go’ format. Furthermore, the new flavour tastes the most similar to cows’ milk, with a thick and creamy texture to feel indulgent but still with great health credentials. We are so proud of our 100% recyclable bottle which retains the signature M+LKPLUS style, whilst going one step further to help the environment.’’

New ‘grab and go’ Chocolate Orange Oat cartons are 4 for £8.99 from M+LKPLUS online, they will also be available on Amazon.

For further information visit the M+LKPLUS Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.