Mojito to go – Tesco increases its range of portable pre-mixed cocktails and spirits for summer

Mojito to go – Tesco increases its range of portable pre-mixed cocktails and spirits for summer

Tesco has introduced a new range of pre-mixed cans, exclusive cocktail boxes and 50cl spirits to its shelves, perfect for summer.

The Tesco ready-to-drink range now includes 103 pre-mixed spirits, giving customers even more choice in a growing and increasingly popular category – sales of which have increased by more than a third in the last 12 months alone.

In addition to new 250ml cans – ideal for on the go – Tesco is also transforming at-home entertaining with the introduction of shareable 2.5l bag-in-box versions of two of the most popular cocktails from its existing canned range.

Those who prefer to stir their own are also catered for, with the introduction of smaller 50cl format bottles of sought-out premium spirits including Silent Pool and Sipsmith – which will make it easier and more affordable for budding mixologists to experiment with bartender-favourite bottles at home.

So whether it’s a premium kitchen cocktail or a fuss-free al fresco G&T – Tesco has summer spirits sorted.

Limehouse Aromatic Gin and Tonic 250ml, £1.80 -New for summer 2019
Subtle earthy botanicals balance the bright citrus zing of this refreshing Limehouse gin and tonic mix. Zesty and crisp, with notes of juniper and a lingering bitter finish.

Limehouse Pink Gin and Tonic 250ml, £1.80 -New for summer 2019
This mix blends piney juniper with a floral, fragrant tonic that infuses bitter angostura bark and aromatic botanicals. Herbal and spice aromas, with a bitter-sweet finish.

House of Cocktails Mojito 250ml, £1-New for summer 2019
A summer classic in a handy can – white rum, lime and garden mint, with a touch of sweetness.

All Shook Up Hawaiian Daiquiri 250ml, £1.50 -New for summer 2019
A truly exotic taste, with notes of apple, mango, passion fruit and pineapple, along with fruit alcohol and white rum.

All Shook Up Violet Cosmo 250ml, £1.50 -New for summer 2019
A pretty pale violet version of this popular cocktail, with cranberry, lemon and lime juice, mixed with fruit alcohol and vodka.

All Shook Up Flamingo Colada 2.25L (Bag in Box), £12 -New for summer 2019 Natural coconut, grenadine and lime flavours, shaken with fruit alcohol, white rum and sugar syrup. A pre-mixed box of party-perfect cocktail.

All Shook Up Passion Fruit Martini 2.25L, £12 -New for summer 2019
A fruity twist of passion fruit juice, sugar syrup and natural flavours, shaken with fruit alcohol and vodka. Made for fuss-free Martinis at home.

In addition, Tesco has further expanded its range of premium spirits available in 50cl bottles, to include SipsmithOrangeandCacaoGin (£25), Silent Pool Surrey Hills Gin (£24),Hyke Gin (£24)and Chase Aged Marmalade Vodka (£27.50) among others. Perfect for portability and more affordable too, these smaller format bottles are ideal for at-home mixologists looking to experiment with something new.