Monte Forte’s story and Horsham opening 

Monte Forte’s story and Horsham opening

Founded in 2017, Paolo and Luca started Monte Forte out of a converted horsebox at Redhill Market in Surrey. The brothers went on to succeed at many private events and food festivals, all around the UK. From their humble beginnings, they grew organically, building an authentic story and a strong following.

Inspired by their Italian heritage and family recipes handed down through the generations, Paolo and Luca have had ambitious plans for their Neapolitan pizza business from the beginning.

Providing two years of street food, the opening of the Reigate Pizzeria was their first branch. Moving from strength to strength throughout the pandemic, the business has emerged as a positive player.

Horsham is their next step as they continue to build upon the community values that sit as a cornerstone to their brand. Monte Forte exceeds its tremendous food, it centres on its human focus to provide the best opportunity and experience for its staff and customers.

Horsham will be their biggest site, just under 3,000 square feet, with 12 staff operating it at the busiest times. Everything starts from somewhere. From a horsebox in Redhill market to Horsham. Who knows where next!

Lucia Monteforte, now 87, will be cutting the ribbon for the grand opening on the 31st July 2021.