My Night At Hotel Pelirocco

Anya Zervudachi spent a night at Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco with a few surprises in store

It is a very rare occasion indeed that I decide to treat myself to a lavish weekend away in a boutique hotel, especially when the hotel in question is just half a mile up the road from my own flat!

Feeling my birthday weekend is as good a time as any to shower myself in extravagance, I booked myself and my dear friend and colleague Frida, into the ’Kracken’s Lair’ the newest suit at the famous Hotel Pelirocco in Regency Square.

I have wanted to book a stay at the hotel for years, being Brighton’s original boutique hotel with its 19 individually themed bedrooms – it has always been right up my street (both metaphorically and literally)!

The hotel has a long-standing reputation for being pretty ‘out there’ and is definitely one of the many places I have wanted to scratch off my bucket list.

I have enjoyed a few cocktails at the Pelirocco over the years so I knew what to expect in terms of the garish wallpaper and walls covered with quirky artwork.  We were greeted warmly at reception by a member of the team and directed to our room.

I have to admit, on entering the suite, Frida and I were both a little taken back by quite how ‘sexy’ the suite was. Things didn’t get any more demure as we discovered the round super king bed (complete with mirrored ceiling) and striper’s pole in the beautiful bedroom.

Once we had discovered the huge double bathtub in the bathroom, it was pretty clear that any chance of Frida leaving this place with her innocence intact had gone completely out of the window.

We decided to treat ourselves and got on to ordering a bottle of red wine and running a bubble bath. I won’t go into the details of the rest of the evening, but after another couple of bottles of wine it has to be said it was one of the better evenings I’ve ever experienced in a hotel.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the suite to a single suited businessman looking for bog standard bed to stay in, but to almost anyone else. The suite was full of curious knickknacks, but equally well equipped with wide screen TV’s and other essentials, not forgetting the bed itself – which was quite literally the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.