My Perfect Weekend

Words by Nicola Gunstone, Director of the Eco Technology Show & Brighton Music Conference

Inevitably at 5pm every Friday my man is standing behind me at my desk trying to drag me to either the Freemasons or Hove Kitchen for the post week first drink. He normally succeeds. The whole office tends to then leave on mass behind the piper.

Fridays always go one of two ways A.) we leave said pub and then meet others in another pub usually across town followed by grabbing a cheap dinner somewhere at one of the many great little restaurants in the North lanes  or B.) we make our way home grab a take away or floor picnic and watch movies whilst chilling out on the sofa which when we are close to a show is about all we can manage.

Saturday morning I like to get up and go to the gym as a get out of jail free card for the inevitable over eating which always happens at the weekend. Then come home and get the chores out of the way and we both have some me time.

Given we are in each other’s pockets all week at work this is bliss for both of us and necessary in order that we don’t kill each other. Then it’s either going to one of the many events going on each weekend in Brighton or catching up with friends.

Saturday evening is my favourite night to go out for dinner or have a dinner party with close friends, a regular is Yum Yum Ninja. I have spent half my life in Sydney where you really are spoilt for choice for some really amazing restaurants and it is one of the only places I have been to in Brighton that matches it for Asian Fusion.

Then upstairs to the Ninja bar for cocktails, as a good friend Mick Fuller has his Soul Shyne bargrooves residency there on a Saturday night and it is a chance to let our hair down amongst friends.

Sunday morning is normally a very slow get up followed by brunch somewhere, then  catching up with friends or family or going for a long walk somewhere, my personal favourite being the under cliff from the Marina to Rottingdean as you can grab a coffee or a pint half way.

Followed by a late Sunday lunch at one of the many amazing gastro pubs in Brighton or in the surrounding country side, the Anchor Inn in Barcombe being a personal favourite.

Sunday nights are always quiet getting ready for the coming week and usually watching a film before an early night ready for the early start at the gym on Monday morning.