NEW from Hove Based La Piazza Yorkshire Roast Wraps TakeAway

NEW from Hove Based La Piazza Yorkshire Roast Wraps TakeAway

La Piazza are now serving up their award-winning outstanding Sunday Roasts (in Yorkshire Wrap form) every day of the week!

One thing you can say about residents of Brighton and Hove is that we absolutely love our Sunday Roast Dinners. You only have to look at the Facebook group “Brighton Sunday Roast Club” with its 13,000 members posting hundreds of reviews each and every weekend to see that not only do we adore Roasts, but our expectations are very high when we are being served our favourite meal of the week. With Brighton and Hove going in and out of lockdowns and various levels of restrictions many pubs and restaurants have adapted by providing Roast delivery services which also need to be consistently at the top of their game to impress the hordes of would-be critics who can make or break a business with their words.

Family owned restaurant La Piazza is one establishment that have consistently delivered when it comes to their Sunday Roast game, and they have been offering roast dinner takeaway and delivery services for years without compromising on quality. The award-winning roast dinners must be tasted to be believed. The plates are enormous! Incredibly generous portions of what I can only describe as the very best quality roast dinners in all of Brighton and Hove. Huge lumps of perfectly cooked and seasoned meat and delicious vegetarian and vegan options. The finest quality seasonal veg, Crispy fluffy Potatoes and a giant Yorkshire pudding to mop up the most flavourful gravy ever!

I found out some very exciting news the other day. We can now get our Sunday roast fix on any day of the week with La Piazza’s genius idea of serving up takeaway roast dinner Yorkshire wraps! You have probably seen them advertised yourself as they have upped their social media presence too, in order to combat these challenging times. Available for takeaways or on Deliveroo Monday to through to Sunday 12:00 – 16:00. I could not resist popping down to try them out.

With options of chicken, beef, pork or nut roast with all the trimmings (except roast potato’s as they would result in carb overload). I found it difficult to choose, so I order both the chicken and the pork to collect and take home with me. I skipped breakfast so have a proper hunger on, which is only exacerbated when I arrive and watch Max, the mastermind who came up with the idea, stuff ginormous Yorkshire wraps with meat and veg. I catch a whiff of La Piazza’s signature gravy which sends my hunger pangs into overdrive. All the recommended social distancing and hygiene precautions are being adhered to. A pristinely clean makeshift serving area has been constructed in the window, so you are able to keep your distance from the staff and other customers if you choose to collect.

One was more than enough to satisfy my appetite, but I managed to get through half of the second before giving in and putting the rest in the fridge to finish later. The wraps are phenomenal. I loved having all the wonderful flavours of La Piazza’s incredible roast dinners all together in lovely light and fluffy yorkie blanket. The chicken wrap comes with a lovely tangy cranberry sauce and of course the pork is drizzled in a sweet apple sauce, both do what they are meant to in highlighting the taste of the meat. The veggies are crisp, fresh and bursting with flavour. Of course, if there are any veggies or sauces not to someone’s taste all you need to do is mention this and they will happily leave them out or substitute. On my next visit I’ll be sure to try the beef and mustard or nut roast with shallots.

La Piazza’s Yorkshire wraps are already going down an absolute storm with La Piazza’s regulars. Great for satisfying roast cravings during the week and I should imagine do wonders for reducing food waste too. No need to wait till Sunday to get your roast dinner on! Give them a call today (or order on Deliveroo) and get your fix today!

Tony Shattell

La Piazza: 79/80 Western Rd, Hove BN3 2JQ

Phone: 01273 772777