New GUNNA Drinks campaign lampoons Dom and Bojo

New GUNNA Drinks campaign lampoons Dom and Bojo

As lockdown measures continue to ease this week and zoos, safari parks and open-air cinemas start to reopen, GUNNA Drinks has launched a new mascot campaign – #BattleTheBland – which includes  sharp lampoons of key government figures in the current crisis.

Graffitiing lion Steely took took to the streets of Aldgate, East London to create a ‘Covid tapestry’ mural depicting Dominic Cummings visiting Barnard Castle (with his pants on fire….), plus a bear  mascot called Boris locking a door with metal bars – a little too late perhaps. Another image shows a politician with back turned to the medical experts in white coats. The mural ends with the upbeat tag: ‘Better Days Are Coming’. Adorning the London wall for the next few days,

Famous for their “uncompromisingly good craft soft drinks”, GUNNA has created the new mascots to help their loyal consumers battle the blandness of lockdown. The fab four are:

·       Steely – the graffitiing lion

·       DJ Rebel – the monkey

·       Boris – the bear mixologist

·       Flame – the fashionista flamingo

In a bid to #BattleTheBland, as well as Steely’s East End mural, the four mascots re-enacted the famous Abbey Road cover from The Beatles, while Flame strolled through Regent’s Park in a glamorous, pink outfit – complete with pink poodles!

CEO and founder Melvin Jay comments: 

“We’re delighted that lockdown measures are beginning to ease, allowing our mascots – who have a very simple mission, to #BattleTheBland – entertain our loyal customers.

The mascots had a great time roaming around London! We’re particularly proud of Steely’s ‘COVID tapestry’, which chronicles some of the more controversial moments from lockdown. We’d like to try and inspire our consumers to keep their head up because as Steely says ‘Better Days are Coming.”

Drawing inspiration from famous alcohol-free recipes around the world, each of the GUNNA craft soft drinks are made with sparkling water, natural juices and fruit extracts, to deliver a complex flavour that’s full of character. Each drink contains less than 5% sugar and has no artificial colours or preservatives.

Our range of craft soft drinks include:

Steelworks: Cola & Ginger – combines sparkling water, natural gingers and cola tonic

Ginger Rebel: Ginger Lemonade – combines sparkling water, natural gingers and aromatic bitters

Muscovite: Lemonade & Mint – a cloudy lemonade made with sparkling water and natural lemon and mint

Pink Punk: Raspberry Lemonade – a mix of sparkling water and natural raspberry and lemon