New year new career! Would-be dog groomers flocking to train in bid service thousands of extra ‘puppy boom’ dogs

New year new career! Would-be dog groomers flocking to train in bid service thousands of extra ‘puppy boom’ dogs

It’s 2022, and many people are looking to make a brand new start after a tough two pandemic years.

And Brighton’s Bone Idol Grooming Academy has seen a surge in applications, as people decide to follow their dreams and become a dog groomer.

The academy trains would-be groomers to pass the Ofqual regulated iPET Network courses, and this gives them all the skills that they need to set up their own grooming businesses.

Which is good news, because Brighton was recently named in a survey by Legal and General as the lockdown puppy capital of the UK, meaning there will be more dogs than ever needing to be groomed for health reasons.

Bone Idol co-founder Scott Learmouth said: “It is now more important than ever that the Sussex area and the UK in general meet demand, and that there are plenty of qualified dog groomers to offer care and attention to all of these extra dogs.

“We have been so pleased to see so many people applying for our courses, as dog grooming really is one of the best professions out there. You can be your own boss, and work with animals which for many is a dream career.

“The pandemic has led many people to put their lives and current career balance into sharp focus, and many people are choosing a brand new start in the grooming world, and fulfilling their lifelong ambitions.”

Carola Copland, 53, from Littlehampton Sussex did just that, and is now loving life as a dog groomer.

Carola worked in a manager role for a global IT corporate before she moved with her husband and children back home from Europe.

She went freelance working for big corporations in the computer industry, and raised her children Cäcilia, 20 and Jeremy, 17.

To relax after a day in her high-powered role Carola had always groomed her dogs. She was completely self taught, and she always used to joke with friends and family that ‘one day I will become fully qualified’. But she never really had the confidence as grooming involves much more than “just cuddling puppies”.

But during the second lockdown in 2020, Carola decided that it was ‘now or never’ and says that she is over the moon that she dared to take the plunge

Scott added: “Many people reach a certain age and think that this is their life, and that it is too late to change their focus or their career.

“Some people struggle with confidence, thinking that our classrooms will be filled with people who are fresh out of school. That is simply not the case, and our tutor groups are made up of a wonderful mix of ages and experiences.

“But our grooming trainees consistently show that there is no ideal age to switch careers, and we are so proud of all of them.”

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