Nexba, Australia’s sugar-free soft drinks brand and the UK’s favourite Kombucha, has launched new campaign Sugarless Sundays, to show how foodie occasions can be made sugar free, supporting gut health. Sugarless Sundays encourages everyone to take a moment to reflect, refresh and recharge the system for one day in the week by making simple sugar free swaps. Partnering with leading industry experts including Founder of Social Pantry Alex Head and Nutritionist Emily English, Nexba will bring important topics of gut health, wellness and sugar consumption to the forefront of the nation’s conversation.

Health and gut health is more important than ever, the purchasing of wellness products increased by 219% during the pandemic and over the past five years products including ingredients to improve gut health have tripled. The UK is leading the way with its ‘no added sugar’ food and drink offering and Nexba’s Sugarless Sundays responds to the nation’s increased interest in sugar-free foods. Gut health and great taste go hand in hand – especially when paired with Nexba’s tasty range of sugar-free Kombuchas – and Sugarless Sundays shows how foodie moments can still be enjoyed as much as ever.

The tasty alternative to mainstream fizzy drinks, Nexba’s delicious naturally sugar-free range, including gut-supporting kombuchas and kefirs, is the perfect sip to enjoy alongside picnics, brunch, at-home meal kits and more. Also responding to the growing demand for Kombucha, with sales in the category having risen 85% year on year, Sugarless Sundays will highlight Nexba’s new kombucha cans that come in two delicious flavours: Mango and Mixed Berry.

Made with real oolong tea leaves and living SCOBY – brewed the old-school way for a whopping 40 days – Nexba has a unique strain of live cultures specially built to survive the journey from mouth to gut. Along with being great for gut health thanks to its hearty strain of probiotics, Nexba’s ‘Booch’ is made with the brand’s innovative natural sweetener blend, providing bold and fruity flavours, without the use of any sugar or artificial ingredients.

The new Nexba Sugarless Sundays picnic, brunches and meal kits compliment Nexba’s full range of drinks.

Forget the soggy sandwiches, pre packaged foods and sugary drinks, the launch of Nexba’s Sugarless Sundays recreates the picnic, and makes it sugarless…
For those looking forward to al fresco gatherings this summer, Nexba’s Sugarless Sundays is kicking off by launching sugar-free picnic recipes, created by private registered Nutritionist Emily English. The traditional picnic is typically filled with high sugar drinks, from fizzy cola to cartons of fruit juice to crisps and baked goods, but Sugarless Sundays will transform the British picnic with dishes including Chickpea Tacos with Mango Salsa, Middle Eastern Mezzes, Raspberry and chia seed tartlets, grilled peach and burrata salad and Prebiotic Chocolate Truffles – all sugar-free – and all perfectly washed down with a can of Nexba’s Mixed Berry or Mango Kombucha.

From Organic Tofu Benedict to rhubarb and coconut bircher, the sugarless brunch has never looked so good…
Calling brunch enthusiasts, this July Nexba’s Sugarless Sundays will partner with seven hot spot brunch locations nationwide to offer special sugar-free brunch menus, only available on Sundays. Working with Social Pantry, Crane’s Kitchen, 601 Queen’s Road, No 17 Dickens Yard, No 35 Mackenzie Walk, No 11 Pimlico Road and Brighton’s Moksha Caffee, the Sugarless Sunday brunch menus challenge diners to swap out sugar for one day of the week and indulge in tasty, good for the gut dishes that are just as sweet and delicious.

Beyond the summer months, Nexba will continue Sugarless Sundays with the launch of limited edition meal kits. With the lockdown trend of dining at home and with innovative meal kits here to stay, Nexba will be announcing new partnerships with leading restaurants and perfect supper Kombucha pairings.

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