No.1 Off-grid Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Wales

No.1 Off-grid Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Wales

The UK’s premier off-grid festival, The Green Gathering celebrates ten years of eco-friendly entertainment, education and experiences at Piercefield Park, nestled in the beautiful rolling landscape of South Wales, on a site complete with its own ruined mansion.  Festivities take place from 29th July – 1st August 2021.

This pioneering festival is powered by renewable energy and is almost carbon neutral.  From its inception in the 1980’s it has been a beacon of best practice, with many accolades to confirm its place at the top table in sustainable event organisation, winning eight awards in the last four years including The UK Greener Festival Award 2019 and The International Greener Festival Award for Power 2019.

And most recently………

In recognition of its cultural significance, The Green Gathering has been awarded grants from the government’s Cultural Recovery Fund in both the first and second round, enabling the management to plan a Covid-safe event for 2021.

“This is vital funding to protect cultural gems” Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary

Some highlights of the last ten years have been, hundreds of live performances powered by wind and sun, the introduction of a full programme of activities and experiences tailored to teens, the community spirit evident all across the site, an eclectic mix of caterers providing zero waste treats and meals, the number of festival-goers who have changed their lives as a result of attendance and the impact The Green Gathering has had on the wider national and international conversation about social cohesion and sustainable living.

A sample of new and ongoing initiatives that can be found at The Green Gathering 2021 include, a celebration of women in music through a commitment to the Keychange Pledge to achieve a 50/50 gender balance on stage by 2022, BSL interpreters at performances and talks, low emission options for travelling to and from the festival, deep recycling stations across the site, 100% ethical traders and a brand new plumbing system in line with Covid safety, which is at the heart of this year’s delivery.

“Beyond Hedonism, The Green Gathering is a place to party, then wake up the next morning and put the world to rights with your new mates from the night before! Join us, share wisdom and skills, find friends old and new, weave and weld and tell stories. Be inspired. Take the festival spirit home with you…”

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket agent ‘Ticketsellers’ via a direct link from The Green Gathering website.

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