Norway’s biggest subscription service for dogs finally came to United Kingdom Delivering monthly happiness for your dogs

Norway’s biggest subscription service for dogs finally came to United Kingdom Delivering monthly happiness for your dogs

OSLO, NO – This year has taken a toll on many aspects of our lives, from our health to our business. What the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is to take more care of mind and body, our own, as well as our pets.  After all, making our dog happy is a part of our happiness, too.

A small family business started growing in Norway six years ago. Two animal lovers, husband (Rolf) and wife (Bella), supporting each other with knowledge and faith, created one of the first-ever subscription services for dogs in Europe! DoggieBag sends a surprise box of joy to dog owners for their furry friends once a month. This box of delights includes five or more carefully selected quality items – from treats, bones, and snacks to toys from various respectable brands such as KONG, Truffelicious, JR Pet Products, Beco, Pepper’s Choice, Provit, Dr. Clauder, and many more. It includes everything your fluffy furball could ever ask! What you also get in this goodie bag is an expert dog article with useful tips and tricks which you can use to bond even more with your best friend! After only a couple of months in the market, DoggieBag shipped 2.5 tons of various goodies for Norwegian dogs.

Jackson posing with his DoggieBag

Bella and Rolf have many a time nurtured the idea of expanding their business and offering their DoggieBags to dogs and owners in other countries. After six years, it is finally happening.

DoggieBag is available to UK dogs as of November 2020.

‘’ I feel that we have equal values as the British people when it comes to being a responsible and loving dog owner. We want nothing but the best for our four-legged family members. I hope that DoggieBag day will become a highlight of the month in UK homes, just as it is in Norway. Over here, the dogs recognize the green boxes! The large dogs often carry them from the mailbox. It’s like puppy Christmas, Birthday, and Easter wrapped up in one box! ‘’ – says Rolf. Bella smiles and continues: ‘’ We test all items before deciding to send them in our boxes. We only choose products that we would give to our dog as well. They have to be healthy, sustainable, and the farms used must have impeccable animal welfare. ”

Beautiful Sparta with her DoggieBag

Being a small family business, they have full control over every step of the process. Bella, as a certified dog trainer, is sourcing the best dog products from around the world to come up with exciting, varied, and seasonal DoggieBags.

” When I look at the nutrient content in these boxes, DoggieBag is the best, because three of the products are pure by-products and protein sources.” – said Øystein Ahlstrøm, a dog nutritionist, in one of the biggest consumer test television shows in Norway.

DoggieBag creators and their four-legged family member Jefe encourage you to take care of yourself and your favourite furry friends and pamper them with the goodies they prepared for you.

‘’ Stay safe, stay home, and let us spoil you with a monthly DoggieBag.’’ – says Rolf and adds: ‘’ Take advantage of our limited launch offer and try DoggieBag for three months for just £49.95. There are no hidden costs. You can cancel at any time. No strings attached. ‘’

If you want to be one of the first to test DoggieBag in the UK you can learn more and order your DoggieBag on