Not Just A Pretty Face

Reignning Mrs UK World Lindsay Hills is preparing to compete in the Mrs World Finals this November and host a fashion show at Brighton’s No.32. Absolute are proud to be media partners with her. Read more about her aims and how she supports a healthy body image

Tell us who you are
I’m a local girl, born in Brighton, but I moved to Canada when I was five and stayed for ten years; hence my transatlantic accent and love of winter sports.

What is your background?
I have a degree in Advertising & Marketing and am still passionate about Ads. I’m also a semi-professional ice skater and although I no longer compete, I still do TV commercial on ice.  This led being signed as a model to a London agency and I was asked if I would represent Brighton in Miss England in 2004 based on a photo shoot I did.

Tell us about Mrs UK World, what’s it all about?
In 2013 I married George GC Hills after a beautiful whirlwind romance. As a married woman I was approached to compete in Mrs UK World.  This is an event for married women. The rules for Miss World are quite strict, with no marriage, divorce or children and you must be 24 years or younger.

And you won! Were you surprised?
I was surprised I won but I think I was so relaxed I was able to enjoy myself. When I competed internationally ten years ago I was insecure and too focused on winning. I forgot to shine and show the real me and realise it was not about how you look. It’s about who you are and how you can play an active role in society; ‘Beauty with a purpose’.

Tell us a bit about your ambassadorship for healthy lifestyle
I would, ideally, like to break down the misconception that this is archaic and simply involves prancing about on a stage. Mrs World involves moths of preparation, dedication and demonstrating that you have the strength and knowledge to be an ambassador not only for your country but also for your cause. I support b-eat and the Dove Self Esteem Project.

The media bombards us with images of idealistic women and I simply want to raise awareness that healthy living is essential and some form of awareness of how comparing yourself to anyone can have an impact on how you perceive yourself. It’s a real concern that nowadays young men and women feel the need to be ‘flawless’ and this is unattainable nor real. Imperfection makes us unique and that is beautiful!


The finals for Mrs World are in November, tell us a bit more about that
The final for Mrs World will take place in Washington from November 11th-19th. I will be representing the UK against 60 other delegates from around the world. The week will involve TV, radio and newspaper interviews, gala dinners and of course the grand final on stage.

We want to know about the clothes! Tell us about those
Chrissie Nicholson-wild, owner of Curve Couture, is designing my final gown. I am so excited and this has taken months of design discussions, meetings and fittings. Natalie Courtois from Hybrid Boutique, another incredible international stylist, has agreed to put my outfits together. During my bid to become Mrs UK World I was also lucky enough to be supported and dressed by Mazelino Gowns.

It’s a lot of fun but exhausting. Your ankles and feet swell from wearing heels all week and as soon as I’m home I think I will be living in a tracksuit for at least a month.

Finally, regardless of winning or not, what’s in the pipeline for the next 12 months?
I love being busy and although I have a full time job working for a long-haul airline, I’m also in the early stages of building my fashion PR company LKH-PR. Mrs Universe is a possibility but then again so is starting a family and this would be the greatest and most rewarding of challenges. I live my life by seizing every opportunity, so Carpe Diem!