Catherine Anderson - Matron at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital

Only The Best

From Catherine Anderson, Matron at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital

Nuffield Health is proud to have championed the use of matrons throughout its 52-year history. We believe their professionalism and pride in their work are central components to the workings of a hospital. In fact, they’re the glue that holds our excellent team together. Whilst all our hospitals are very much forward thinking and innovative institutions when it comes to technological advancements in medicine, we are still passionate about the role of matrons.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital
My name is Catherine Anderson and my role is Matron at Nuffield Health hospital in Brighton. I have 33 years of experience working in nursing, 10 of which have been for Nuffield Health starting on the ‘shop floor’ so to speak and ending as Matron. My role as Matron is ultimately to keep the hospital ‘clinically’ safe, ensuring we have the right staff with the right qualifications in the right place.

I could not do this job without the help of an experienced team of Heads of Departments, who constantly monitor their areas of work, ensuring patients are looked after with the highest standards of nursing care which patients have come to expect from Nuffield Health Brighton.

Who are your patients?
Cosmetic Surgery used to have a stigma attached to it that it was only film and TV stars that ever had cosmetic surgery. Years ago there was an element of truth in that statement, however, we are now very much in the 21st century. People want to look good and feel great and to be honest they deserve it!

What makes Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital different?
Nuffield Health is a Registered Charity, which means we don’t have any shareholders, we are very proud to be able to say that all our profits are re-invested into the organisation, which means that we have the most up-to-date facilities and equipment. Our passion is caring for our patients, we have a easy access and first class treatments and services for all of our patients.

Tell us about your Cosmetic Consultant Surgeons
All our expert Consultant surgeons are highly experienced in their field and are here to listen to the patients needs. They all work locally in both the Private and NHS sectors with a great number of year’s experience, thus giving you the piece of mind that you are choosing the right consultant.

How important is it that your expertise and staff are local?
We employ only the best medical staff in order to provide the best quality medical care possible. All our staff are highly trained in their specialist area. Our specialist nurses are professional and highly skilled members of our team and all live in the Sussex region, we feel that this is a very important aspect of us being able to provide the best care because it enables us to relate and communicate with our patients who are mostly from the Brighton region.

Tell us something about the range of Cosmetic Surgery procedures at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital
Nuffield Health have been helping people to look and feel good long before the term ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ was invented. More that 50 years later we have a wide network of expert professionals and specialists. Here in Brighton we offer most types of cosmetic surgery, from breast augmentation and tummy tucks to face lifts and nose surgery. You will receive the individual attention that you need and deserve. You will see the same consultant throughout your treatment journey from the initial consultation right trough to surgery itself and the recovery period.

What are the main concerns of patients when deciding on cosmetic surgery?
That they want to make the right decision! Our patients can take as much time as they want to make a decision and in fact we advise that they think long and hard about all aspects of the procedure before agreeing to proceed. We appreciate that there is a lot to think about and we will not pressure you in any way.

Does cosmetic surgery really cost the earth?
No, not at all! Again, I think that there is a stigma attached to this, people assume that Cosmetic Surgery does cost the earth, however, it is more affordable that you may think. Our staff are always on hand to offer advice and assistance regarding payment options. They will help work out the best options, such as discounts for combined procedures and different techniques for certain procedures that can affect prices also.

What kind of follow up care and advice do Nuffield offer?
Nuffield offer a fixed price package for your procedure with no hidden extras, the package price includes the cost of your procedure, your hospital stay, surgeons and anaesthetists fees and follow up consultation. As we are a leading health charity, we offer piece of mind should anything be required within 30 days of your original procedure. Our passion is looking after you and ensuring you receive the first class treatment that you deserve.