P-51 Mustang inspired watch launched by AVI-8

P-51 Mustang inspired watch launched by AVI-8

The P-51 Mustang, built by North American Aviation (NAA), was arguably one of the greatest fighters of World War II.
The aerodynamically fluid lines of the Mustang’s new laminar flow wing decreased drag at higher speeds, maximizing performance.
By 1943, the Mustang had been equipped with the famed Rolls Royce Merlin engine which could also be found in the Supermarine Spitfires and the Hawker Hurricanes manufactured in Britain.

In doing so, the resulting aircraft proved to be one of the most successful fighters to enter the war, serving in many different arenas of combat including Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

The Bottisham Four, 26 July 1944

It’s long range, lethal weaponry and incredible speed with outstanding maneuverability enshrined it in the history of military aviation. The fact that the Mustang remained in service with various Air Forces around the world well into the 1980s is a testament to its superb abilities.

The Bottisham edition pays tribute to 361st Fighter Group, United States Eighth Air Force, comprising the 374th, 375th and 376th Fighter Squadrons, which operated out of RAF Bottisham Airfield.
In particular the “Bottisham Four” was a famous photograph featuring four P51s in a majestic formation that became perhaps one of the most iconic representations of the eventual airborne superiority of the Allies in WW2.

The watch that carries the AVI-8 brand into the realm of the P-51 is a suitably superb watch that imbibes aesthetic cues from the lines, details and form of the Mustang. A 43 mm case features a curved crown guard with detailing that references the engine exhaust of the aircraft. The case has fine brush finishing on the bezel with articulated lugs that flow fluidly into the bulbous yet streamlined case shape. A slightly convexed scratch resistant sapphire lens tops the bezel, creating an altogether aerodynamic profile in shape and form.

The dial takes its cues from the cockpit and outer insignia of the Mustang. A multi-layered dial offers up cutaway arabic markers at the 3, 6, 9 and 0 hours with baton markers in-between. The effect is a clearly marked, no-nonsense dial layout that speaks to immediate legibility.

Each hour and minute marker, along with the sword shaped hands, are generously lathered with high grade Swiss lume for low light visibility and clarity.The genuine leather strap that hugs the wrist is custom designed and offers subtly stitched details to continue the overall aesthetic harmony of the watch.

For even greater versatility, each watch comes with an additional nylon and canvas, Velcro-release cuff-like strap. This option provides a snug, ever more comfortable and durable fit, ensuring that the P-51 Mustang Automatic Bottisham Edition is no mere souvenir but a truly robust piece of aviation inspired watchmaking.
Each watch is uniquely numbered as part of a limited edition of 1490 pieces.

The P-51 Mustang Automatic Bottisham Edition is available via the AVI-8 website ( www.avi-8.co.uk ) in an early release sign up to be followed by wider distribution across select retail partners worldwide.