Penelope Isles Interview

Penelope Isles Interview

BAND NAME‐ Penelope Isles
BAND MEMBERS ‐ Jack Wolter‐ Guitar/Vocals. Lily Wolter‐ Bass/Keys/Vocals. Becky Redford Bass/Guitar/Vocals. Jack Sowton‐ Drums/Vocals
Penelope Isles are beachside, melodic pop/rock band from sunny Brighton. Brother and sister Jack and Lily Wolter, Becky Redford and Jack Sowton pack a dynamic kick with their live sound and capture their lucid dreaming, fuzz filled music with a DIY lofi approach.
HOMETOWN ‐ Isle of Man/Brighton

How, when, and why did the band form? How long have you been together?
Jack and I have been playing music together for years now, as we’re brother and sister. Our old band, ‘Your Gold Teeth’ sadly came to an end when I moved to Brighton for Uni. I started a project with Jack (Sowy) and Becky called KookieLou. Jack then moved over to Brighton to join and we started a fresh project, Penelope Isles. We’ve been together since November 2015.

Who are you inspirations and why?
We love Radiohead, they are a massive inspiration to our writing. Their progressions and melody lines, Jonny Greenwood is a hero. Deerhunter are incredible. Everything from their lyrics, to their new and inventive rhythms and tones. Bradford Cox is a genius. Some bands we grew up on were The Magic Numbers and The Thrills, I can sometimes feel those influences come through in our songs. (The Beatles, The Hives, Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, Beach House.)

Who is your favourite upcoming Brighton Bands?
The Rocking horse Club. They have gotten so tight over the past few months, every time we see them they have improved even more. Their songs are so infectious and fun. Definitely crowd surfing material.

What are the best assets and worst assets about the Brighton music scene, in your opinion?
Coming from the Isle of Man, there are only so many pubs we can play so many times. It’s very hard to get some recognition over there, so being able to play these amazing venues in a busy, beautiful, eclectic city is a dream. We have played with some really cool bands and met some friends for life. Plus, It’s never boring here. Can’t really say much bad about Brighton, only the fact that there’s less crowd surfing.

 what do you have coming up for 2016?
We’re playing Wildlife Festival in the Summer, along with a small festival on the Isle of Man. Apart from that we’ll be releasing lots of new music, another album, some exciting new music videos, and small regular tours around the UK and hopefully Europe. 2016 should be a productive and exciting year for us.

What can we find online to check out Penelope Isles?
Our Facebook page is always jam packed with information about our up and coming shows and new releases. At the moment we have our album “Comfortably Swell’ out on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. We released a brand new music video in January, called ‘Metal’.. you can find that on good ol’ Youtube, as well as a few other live sessions.