People4Ocean (P4O) is excited to announce the launch of their exclusive sun care range

People4Ocean (P4O) is excited to announce the launch of their exclusive sun care range, featuring an all-natural SPF30 Sunscreen and 3-in-1 After Sun Solution.

A global first, this sun system is co-formulated by coral reef experts and Australian luxury skincare specialists LaGaia Unedited. Formulas combine potent, high-quality ingredients and broad spectrum UV-protection while excluding all ingredients harmful to corals and people.

Scientific studies have revealed destructive effects sunscreen ingredients have on corals and personal health. With most sunscreen brands on the market containing these toxic-ingredients, it is time to consider health and environmental drawbacks linked to sunscreen toxicity. Most recently, Hawaii became the first US state to ban the import and manufacture of these ingredients to protect its coral reefs, providing countless goods and services to the people of Hawaii.


Beyond the formula, P4O products further support coral reefs by donating 1$ to coral restoration projects for each product sale. This wholesome approach to the protection of these vital ecosystems reflect P4O’s mission:

Overcome the Global Coral Crisis through sustainable CORAL CARE solutions and natural SUN CARE alternatives

Together, we strive to revolutionize the luxury sun care market by merging sustainability, science standards and beauty ideals, we set long-term results as our first priority for oceanic and skin wellness.