Planning an event? Here’s how to be a great host

Planning an event? Here’s how to be a great host

Wondering how to step up your hosting game? We know you’ll want to make sure the event goes smoothly and that all of your guests feel appreciated. Whether you’re celebrating the next Bank Holiday weekend or you’ve got a milestone birthday party to plan, in the following guide we’ll outline the best ways to be an accommodating, entertaining, and unforgettable host.

1.     Prepare the venue

From your own back garden to a hired marquee backing onto a country estate, getting your venue ready in advance is absolutely essential. It’s likely that you’ll encounter a small hurdle or two while you’re setting up – and doing so before your guests arrive will ensure that you have time to fix it.

So, whether you’re planning on installing a starry ceiling with string lights or an enchanting walkway to the dancefloor with alluring solar lanterns, it’s important to get any venue preparations finalised before any of your guests are due.

1.     Be present

While it might feel easy to get caught up in one conversation or feel like you have a little bit too much to take care of, it’s vital to be physically present at your event. Simply making the effort to speak to each one of your guests will be deeply appreciated and might even help you to ease your nerves, too. By chatting to your guests, you’ll be able to create and enjoy a more flexible, relaxed atmosphere.

2.     Offer a variety of food

Depending on the size of your guestlist, it’s crucial to order more food than you’d expect to need. Furthermore, catering for a range of different dietary requirements will also be essential. If you haven’t asked your guests to contact you with their specific dietary needs, make sure to include vegan and vegetarian foods, plus gluten-free options too.

If you’re ordering food from a professional catering company, you might not need to be as involved in the process. However, if you’re cooking up a storm to offer your own delicious buffet food, make sure to include something for everyone attending.

3.     Encourage socialising

At most events, it’s normal to see smaller groups congregate and keep conversations amongst themselves. However, an attentive host should make the effort to encourage smaller groups to branch out and expand into larger ones. This could be achieved through collaborative activities or games to help everyone mingle, start talking, and feel loosened up.

4.     Don’t settle!

Major events come few and far between, so it’s up to you to make it one to remember. Don’t be stingy on your budget for food and drink, and make sure you truly break from your daily routine. There’s nothing wrong with a late night or an extravagant bouquet if you have reason to celebrate

5.  Decorating

Decorating the venue is another crucial part of preparing for any event. From adorning trees with hanging lanterns, and setting up eye-catching table centerpieces, to inflating thematic inflatables, thoughtful decorations enhance the ambiance and create a magical atmosphere.

Custom inflatables from Floatie Kings can be tailored to your preferences, and their quick inflation feature ensures a hassle-free setup. By carefully planning and executing the decorations in advance, you’ll save valuable time and ensure that everything is picture-perfect before your guests arrive.