Planning the perfect party: 5 things your guests won’t expect

Planning the perfect party: 5 things your guests won’t expect

Whether it’s a suited dinner party or a big birthday bash, throwing a party is a great way to bring people together. We all dream of planning a get-together that’s bigger and better than the last – a soirée that gets people talking.

These unique twists will help you to give your gathering the ‘wow’ factor it deserves.

  1. Plan unique entertainment

No party is complete without entertainment – whether it’s a classic live wedding band like Dexter, a DJ or a simple playlist to set the tone of your garden party. Taking entertainment to the next level is a great way to surprise your guests.

Hiring a live function band can bring the entertainment to life, whether you want to fill a function room with energy or host an intimate gig in your home.

There are also quirky alternatives to consider. Perhaps your guests would love a magician or a firework show? Professional entertainers are great for rousing your guests at larger functions, getting them involved with games and entertainment while you enjoy the celebrations.

Kooky entertainment also has the potential to get your guests talking. Perhaps they would like to indulge their inner child with giant bubbles, space hoppers or outdoor sports? This helps to break the ice and bring all aspects of your life together – your family, friends and workmates.

It’s even possible to hire a motivational speaker from companies like Speakers Corner. These experienced hosts can tell stories of their unique experiences, from daredevil antics to sporting success. You might even find your celebrity hero on the list.

  1. A photo booth

One way to keep your guests occupied is to arrange a photo booth with fun props. This means your guests can keep themselves busy while you’re greeting new arrivals and enjoying refreshments.

You can even create your own cardboard pop-up booth complete with extravagant props. Maybe you’d prefer a theme – go Hawaiian, celebrate your favourite TV show or the latest video game.

  1. Get creative with food and refreshments

One way to add simple surprise is to breathe life into the basics. Every party needs food and refreshments, but this doesn’t need to be cocktail sausages and lukewarm lager. Adding zest to your party cuisine is bound to keep everyone happy.

Add the surprise factor by filtering in the delicious and unexpected. We all love a takeaway – but few expect to see miniature fish and chips on a canapé platter, complete with a slice of lemon and mushy peas dip.

Add sophisticated twists to fast food favourites or serve up cuisine to fit your party theme. The magic is in the presentation – if you love travel, serve up dishes from every continent on a map-shaped serving table. Street food catering allows you to step away from traditional buffets, serving classy creations guests will love.

It’s also possible to bring refreshments to life. Serve fruity cocktails in unique containers to add an extra layer of quirk.

  1. Serve up a feast for the eyes

When your party décor is amazing, guests will be impressed from the start. The simplest way to plan this is to create a surprise theme, then brainstorm creative ways to decorate your centrepieces, seating and even the walls.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve unique and professional-looking decoration. Everything from wine cooler buckets to outside shelters can be spiced up with crafting materials, a few fairy lights and a little imagination.

The Word is Love specialises in wedding décor, but their quirky backdrops can be crafted for any celebration. These centrepieces offer great photo opportunities and a low-effort touch of class.

  1. Get personal with guestbooks

To make a party memorable for you and your guests, make the celebrations your own. Tailor the fine details with a personal touch by thinking of creative ideas for guest books and gift bags.

Perhaps you are a collector, or maybe there’s a sport or movie franchise that reminds every one of you. Incorporate it into your guestbook – and remember, guest books don’t need to be two-dimensional. Ask your guests to sign a football and you’ll have something unique for your shelf at home to remind you of the party of a lifetime.