PM Boris Johnson confirms the hospitality sector will reopen on 4th July  

PM Boris Johnson confirms the hospitality sector will reopen on 4th July

With bars, pubs and restaurants now poised to reopen, a new hospitality app launches to help venues transition into the post-COVID landscape, CEO of Ubamarket, Will Broome, discusses launch of uBARmarket and the tech that will enable the long-awaited return of Britain’s bars and pubs, with owner of Rockwater Hove, Luke Davis

In his Covid-19 update statement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today that Britain’s bars, pubs and restaurants can make their long awaited return on 4th July, as the two metre lockdown rules are relaxed.

With the Prime Minister’s announcement now providing the green light for all indoor hospitality venues to reopen with table service and reduced staff, hospitality businesses across the country will now begin their final preparations to ensure they can make a safe and successful return.

In an effort to help bars, pubs and restaurants transition into the new age of post-Covid hospitality, British tech pioneers Ubamarket have launched a new app to facilitate the return of the hospitality sector. Ubamarket’s hospitality app, entitled uBARmarket, will enable bars and pubs to offer a range of features designed to improve and streamline the hospitality experience safely, including map search, remote ordering, in-app payments and automatic loyalty points.

The app is ready to integrate with all bars, pubs and restaurants, with uBARmarket’s POS partners providing thousands of venues across the UK, Europe and Australia with access to the technology.

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, discusses the need for tech-based solutions to help the hospitality sector reopen successfully and safely in a new landscape post-Covid:

“With the Prime Minister’s announcement today, the hospitality sector is now set to make its long awaited comeback after the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic on 4th July.

Whilst millions of people across the country will celebrate the return of the hospitality sector, it is undeniable that Covid-19 has left a lasting impression that will be felt for many weeks and months to come, with the hospitality experience set to change forever. With all of Britain’s hospitality venues remaining closed for three months, it is of paramount importance that these hospitality businesses are able to successfully return to trading, whilst still maintaining hygiene and safety standards and offering a quality customer experience.

uBARmarket’s features represent a key solution to a number of the challenges posed by increased safety and hygiene measures, by enabling features such as in-app payments and remote ordering which can dramatically cut down on person-to-person contact, overcrowding and potentially dangerous interactions in the venue.

We are extremely proud to offer this technology and contribute to the successful return of the hospitality industry; now, Ubarmarket is committed to work with thousands of bars and pubs, such as Rockwater Hove, to ensure their long term prosperity, and to offer a fantastic experience to customers everywhere.”

Luke Davis, owner of Rockwater Hove, discusses uBARmarket and how the app will help the bar to thrive throughout Covid-19 and beyond:

I’m delighted that Rockwater Hove have been able to partner with uBARmarket as it will provide us to launch with scope for a full selection of offerings. Our bar is looking to launch in December, so we need a provision that will help us adapt to the new environment the hospitality sector finds itself in as quickly as possible. We believe that uBARmarket therefore offers the best service available”