Poems by Post – Championing Creatives

Poems by Post – Championing Creatives

Former street poet, Alex Wilkinson, has been harnessing the power of poetry to deliver moments of inspiration through people’s letterboxes. ‘Poems by Post’ is a subscription platform, designed to inspire its recipients and share moments of creativity. Since August 2020, Poems by Post has welcomed over 200 subscribers into its community and supported more than 50 different artists, writers and performers.

Alex quickly understood how devastating this pandemic would be for creatives. As a poet himself, he felt the full force of the fallout when the UK went into its first lockdown. He recognised that there would be many more like him – facing uncertain futures, and receiving little or no support.

So, Alex set about building Poems by Post. Though the concept has grown and evolved with time, the goal has remained the same: to inspire, support and connect. Each month Poems by Post commissions a brand-new poem from a different poet. Alex then types the poem up using a vintage typewriter, and posts them out to subscribers of Poems by Post. The revenue generated is then used to support all manner of artists and creatively-minded small businesses.

“What a fresh and amazing way to support poets and artists, especially in these hard times! Just ordered a 6 month supply of Poems By Post and I am looking forward to reading more beautiful words. Hand typed and posted, nice to receive something other than the usual bills in the post! Thank you Poems By Post for brightening up my day! ♥️” – KP on Trustpilot

Poems by Post transcends poetry. Everything from the story of its creation, through to that very first time that you receive a poem offers hope. It inspires belief that anything is possible, and that you can achieve your wildest dreams. Poems by Post is still in its infancy, and we cannot wait to see which dreams that it inspires to become reality.