Portugal is allowing British Tourists in the Country

Portugal is allowing British Tourists in the Country

The Portuguese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs announced today that British Tourists will be allowed to enter Portugal as of the 00:00 on 17th of May, .

This decision, will revoke the essential travel restrictions, that is in place until the 16th of May.

Any person entering Portugal will have, in any case, to have an RT-PCR test done 72h before the departure.

The Portuguese National Tourist Office has been also ensuring that testing capacity in Portugal will meet the demand from tourists and beyond this,  the expansion and renewal of the Clean & Safe seal for 2021-22 (www.portugalcleanandsafe.com) to include the whole tourism value chain with over 22,400 businesses registered and more than 23,000 professionals trained is another layer of the trust and transparency strategy which Portugal has been implementing to manage the pandemic.

With an air capacity from (at least) 21 airports in the United Kingdom into Portugal, reinforced due to the high demand from this market, the options are wide for the British Tourists to visit Portugal, from any point.

People from the United Kingdom have visited Portugal and celebrated our culture, traditions, landmarks, history, and enjoyed our warm hospitality for decades.  We look forward to welcome all travellers coming from the UK.