Post lockdown cosmetics enhancements dramatically rise due to ‘Zoom Face’

Post lockdown cosmetics enhancements dramatically rise due to ‘Zoom Face’

Since lockdown1, Brighton aesthetic clinic, A New You has seen an increase of 200% business growth since reopening it’s doors in July 2020 and is expecting the same following lockdown 2.

The Brighton clinic on Trafalgar Street offers surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments including botox, eye bag removal and tummy tucks has seen demands spike due to a phenomenon coined by the Guardian newspaper known as ‘Zoom face’.

Seeing yourself online for hours a day
Principal practitioner Jackie Knight told The Argus newspaper:
“The increase in demand is due to the number of people working remotely and paying more attention to their own faces while on video calls using applications like Zoom and Skype and have told me things like ‘I’ve seen myself on the camera and I just can’t believe it’. When they’ve been on these calls they have noticed things like drooping jowls and have come to us for non-surgical treatments, like the ‘puppet lift”.

Jackie, who has worked in the cosmetics surgery and aesthetics industry for the past 26 years and has seen an increase in not only facial rejuvenation treatments but also breast reduction and tummy tuck procedures too.

She told The Argus:  “People have had more time to study their bodies and maybe they’ve spent less during lockdown, so some have spare cash to enhance their looks.”

What about when things go wrong? 
The decision to have any cosmetic enhancement is a personal one to make and it is not without its risks. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan because everyone’s skin is as unique as they are. Another risk can be the level of experience of the practitioner in how they administer the treatment.
But all is not lost if a treatment does not achieve the desired result. Not many people know this but it is possible to reverse it and start again, as Jackie has also seen. She hears from clients that by seeing themselves on so many video calls they decide to get their lip fillers dissolved.

Jackie told BBC South East “I do think people have become more conscious of their face communicating with their friends and family on Zoom and Skype and I think that they’re very critical. I support more regulation in the cosmetics industry wholeheartedly because at 18 years old, people don’t really know what they need and very often they don’t even need it.”

New Year, New Confidence
Jackie said: “Everything we do is all about confidence. We just want to make people feel better about themselves. As we welcome 2021 and leave the challenging year behind us, many of us will be reflecting on how we look and feel. What I know from my work is that improving one feature on the face or body can make a significant difference to how people feel about themselves and I hear that from clients time and again how much they wish they’d done it sooner. Here at A New You, we believe in Authentic Noticeable Youthful results (ANY) to connect to deeper confidence.