Powerful Social Impact Photo Project Announces First of its Kind Life Saving Rescue Grant to Mark Trans Awareness Month

Powerful Social Impact Photo Project Announces First of its Kind Life Saving Rescue Grant to Mark Trans Awareness Month

The Don’t You Want Me project in partnership with animal welfare charity Wild at Heart Foundation is rolling out an initiative to enable someone from the queer and trans community in the UK, who is struggling with mental health issues, the opportunity to adopt a rescue dog.

It’s anticipated that the arrival of a rescue dog will have a profoundly transformative impact not only on the recipient’s mental health but on every aspect of their life and offer the dog a safe and loving new home.

Don’t You Want Me is a global social impact documentary photography project showcasing the beauty and resilience of LGBTQ people with their rescued dogs. Think Humans of New York except with powerful queer and trans narratives combined with adorable dogs – the project is bringing people to tears.

Approximately half of Don’t You Want Me’s project participants have said that their rescue dog saved their life.

Nikki Tibbles, founder of Wild at Heart Foundation said: “In an incredible demonstration of reciprocal love and support, this campaign will provide one of our rescue dogs with a loving home here in the UK, whilst also providing a member of the LGBTQ+ community with a source of strength, friendship and healing.

“Far more than basic financial aid, the Don’t You Want Me Rescue Grant aims to provide a complete practical and emotional toolkit to help transform the life of the individual who receives it, including ongoing mental health services and support via donated food, veterinary aid, training, day care, and more. We’re keen to ensure that this grant helps to remove some of the traditional blockers LGBTQ+ people may face when considering taking on the responsibility of adopting a dog.”

Short video about the DYWM project for ease of reference / usage. The DYWM project is continuing to accept donations so that they can reach more people at a pivotal time in history when these stories are desperately needed AND will resonate the most.

Jack Jackson, co-founder of Don’t You Want Me said: “The idea to provide a grant came from my own experience and was something we had wanted to do from the very outset of the project. I think now more than any other time in our collective history, people have lived experience of isolation. At the same time there’s a revolution brewing amidst the pandemic with people no longer tolerating injustice. Many of our participants to date are transgender and the project shows what happens when people become isolated by discrimination, hate or ignorance – and how people flourish when love, connection and community return. Trans people simply need the same as everyone else.”

Coupling compelling images and personal narratives, Don’t You Want Me shows that individuals of all stripes have the ability to transform their lives when they are given love and when the barriers that they face are dismantled. This ongoing photo project (and ultimately book) reaches out across borders, from North America to Europe, and onward.

For more information about The Don’t You Want Me Rescue Grant please visit DontYouWantMe.com / wildatheartfoundation.org

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Jack Jackson @doggydatestoronto

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