Practical kitchen: arranging a kitchen so that it’s pleasant and functional

Practical kitchen: arranging a kitchen so that it’s pleasant and functional

Are you decorating a new kitchen and want everything to be perfect? We have a few tips for you to help you’ll really enjoy cooking in your new kitchen. You can do these things even if you have to save space.

You have to make do with what you have
Firstly, you have to realise that every kitchen is unique, so it’s worth considering every detail. Kitchen design can’t be based on what you dream up in a catalogue or kitchen studio. You can, of course, get inspiration from these examples, but you must orient yourself primarily to your own room

Whether your kitchen is spacious or cramped, designing your own kitchen gives you the chance to use the room perfectly – using its maximum potential. So, take a tape measure in your hand, measure the walls, draw electrical sockets, water supply, switches and lighting and other details in your plan. Then head to the next phase.

Kitchen design layout
Designing a kitchen has many possible approaches. The latest trend is possibly a kitchen with an island. This approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but above all, it has one prerequisite – you need a large kitchen area, or kitchen as such. At the same time, the likelihood is that you will only reserve so much space for the kitchen when you are simultaneously designing the entire property, i.e., when building a new house.

Whether you choose a kitchen with a classic kitchen line around its perimeter, or a spacious kitchen with an island, you should always base your kitchen design on how you use the kitchen. Individual appliances, shelves, drawers and other elements should gradually respond to how you process raw materials

So, there will be a fridge at the end of the kitchen and a kitchen unit next to it. Here you can unpack the raw materials. A sink will be located directly next to it. This is so that you can easily wash the raw materials if necessary.

A kitchen unit and cooker will also follow. You should allow free space on both sides of the cooker so that you can easily store pans, bowls, process ingredients, etc. If you don’t have an oven under the cooker, the best place for it will be at the other end of the kitchen worktop – that is, on the opposite side to the fridge.

Here you can place the oven higher, which is a much more convenient location than an oven placed at ground-level, meaning you are constantly bending.

I prefer a larger quantity of smaller cabinets
One of the current trends is large spacious drawers, which are generally over a metre wide. However, such an approach has one major drawback. If several people are cooking in the kitchen at the same time, everyone will have to dodge whoever opens the drawer or cabinet.

If you cook together as a family, narrower drawers, cabinets and shelves are a better option – it will be much more practical for you.

Glossy surfaces? Better not to
A kitchen is very prone to getting dirty. Don’t complicate an already complicated situation and choose matt surfaces instead of glossy ones. You’ll pat yourself on the back for this decision in a few years