Pressed flower Easter eggs

DIY Pressed flower Easter eggs

As a child, Easter was one of my favourite holidays, and not just because of the endless amounts of chocolate I was given. I really loved the arts and crafts that came with it and as an adult I never grew out of it. This year I’ve been thinking about Easter crafts that look more fashionable among my house, I came across the idea of pressed flower eggs which I love!

What you will need
• Flowers, the smaller the better.
• Clear glue such as PVA and if you want to paint your eggs first, then acrylic paint too.
• Soft craft brushes maybe foam ones.
• Eggs, obviously.

How to get crafting

Hard boil your eggs first, let them cool. Once you have done that, remove your flower from the stem, position your flower onto the eggs, and gently paint over the flower with your brush and clear glue. If your flower is a bit bigger you might find it easier to this part petal by petal. I love the idea of trapping something in clear glue,why not try feathers or beads and sequins.