Property Buying Company House Buy Fast Promise To Buy Your Home

Property Buying Company House Buy Fast Promise To Buy Your Home

With the property market starting to slow down, homeowners are looking to find new ways to sell their home. Local company House Buy Fast, located in Worthing, West Sussex, offer property owners a way to sell their property in as little as 3 days.

By selling your property at 85% of market value you could ensure yourself a quick house sale. These we buy any house companies offer you cash straight to your account at completion and if you have an outstanding mortgage, they will also deal with that, saving you more money.

While not being the only property buying company in Sussex, they’re one of the few that are members of The National Association of Property Buyers (House Buy Fast are founding members) and The Property Ombudsman.

Taking the Stress Out of Selling Your House

Buying or selling a house is and will be one of the most stressful events of your life. The non-stop agent calls, the non-stop house viewings, the lowball offers, and the counter-offers. One of the biggest downsides to selling a property the traditional way is that the average house sale takes 5 to 9 months to complete. You might be surprised to also hear that 1 in 3 house sales will fall through.

The Nitty Gritty

We’ve taken a look at the most frequently asked questions on the House Buy Fast website;

Can’t someone just buy my house for cash today?

House Buy Fast claim that they can buy your house for cash and remind you that they cover all fees and costs.

How fast exactly is the purchase?

They claim they have previously completed house purchases within hours before but average out at 2 to 4 weeks. They have tools at hand meaning they can value your house right away and cash reserves to complete quickly.

How much will I get for my house?

They claim to offer up to 85% of the current market value. They also state that factors that impact price are such things as location, condition and how quickly you need to sell. Once again, they remind you that you won’t have to pay any fees to themselves, estate agents and solicitors.

Can you get 100% of your properties market value from a quick sale?

House Buy Fast are very transparent in letting you know that no property buying company is likely to offer you 100% of market value for your property. They urge you to go down the traditional estate agency route, but warn you that it can take several months to sell. You also have to pay all agent and solicitor fees.

Should You Sell Your House To House Buy Fast?

As with any service you should weigh up whether it benefits you or simply makes your life easier. Before jumping into any decisions you should look at all avenues available to you and make an informed decision.