Q&A Women Fitness

Q: Are there different exercises that would benefit women more than men?
A: Absolutely. The best example would be core work, for example, pelvic floor strengthening, which is extremely beneficial to women post pregnancy.

Q: Will I get bulky from working out with heavy weights as a woman?
A: No, we actually get asked this daily. Women do not produce enough testosterone to ‘bulk up’. It would take huge amounts of food, steroids and heavy weights to have that effect. Lifting heavy, will though, improve tone and increase one’s metabolism.

Q: Do I need to do a lot of cardio to lose weight?
A: The view used to be to do cardio in the 60% max range for fat burning, but what we actually want to focus on is calorie loss and raising one’s metabolism. Recent research and contrary to popular belief, this is most effectively done when lifting heavier weights within the 10-12 repetition range.

Q: Do I need to train differently depending on my age?
A: Age would be a factor to take into consideration but not necessarily change training techniques. It would be more to do with health problems and injuries affecting training, rather than age.

Q: Would you recommend a certain diet for women hoping to get fitter?
A: Yes! Diet plays a huge role in health and fitness. A diet made up of good proteins, health carbs and fats, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables will all help.

Q: Is there anything specific I should try and cut out if I am hoping to get my summer body?
A: Sugar, processed foods, refined carbs, alcohol and trans fats. If you can start by cutting out junk food, then you’re on your way!

Q: Can you recommend a couple of quick exercises to do at home?
A: Push-ups, plank, burpees, skipping and bouncing.