Quarantine Karaoke Popularity Surges During Coronavirus Crisis

Quarantine Karaoke Popularity Surges During Coronavirus Crisis

Singa reports 700% increase in new customer sign-ups during time of isolation
For immediate release: 30th March 2020, London, United Kingdom – Singa, the app for singing, today revealed that its new customer sign-ups have increased 700% in the last week as people around the world #stayathome to observe isolation and social distancing rules during the coronavirus crisis. The surge in sign-ups shows that consumers are turning to music and choosing to sing during this troubling and uncertain time. This heart-warming phenomenon illustrating the importance of music and singing has also been shown through footage circulating online of people in lockdown singing from their balconies in Italy and elsewhere.

Singing can be a great way to spend free time while at home. Check out the ideas below and, for a limited time, you can try 30 days of free Singa Premium at https://get.singa.com/quarantinekaraoke/.

Entertainment for the Whole Household

Karaoke is a great way to entertain the household and provide a bit of light relief while stuck indoors. Whether you are in home isolation with family, housemates, other half, or fellow care home residents, singing together is a fun activity for everyone to get involved in! Simply use your smart TV OR open up the Singa app on a device and cast or share it with your TV to make the lyrics large enough for the whole household to see and sing along with.

Singa has over 80,000 songs to choose from – whether you want to sing the usual karaoke classics or brand new chart hits. Check out the ready-made playlists on Singa for suggestions of songs to sing together. The team has prepared ideas to get your karaoke session going, with Power Ballads, Current Pop Greats, Indie Pop Rockers, Movie Anthems, and many more.

Home Music Lessons

For children unable to attend school and their parents who are having to juggle homeschooling with all their other commitments, karaoke can be an ideal way for kids to lead their own music lessons and inject a little variety into new routines. Younger kids, in particular, may enjoy the selection of songs curated for them on Singa here: https://singa.com/uk/lists/OVXel.

Virtual Karaoke

With more and more people stuck at home during this crisis, group hangouts with video conferencing software are becoming incredibly popular. They allow you to stay in touch with others and seeing loved ones via video is almost as good as being there in person. The latest trend is to use this setup to host virtual karaoke sessions, which is a great way to have fun and spend time with friends and family. If you don’t want to host your own karaoke party you can join Singa who are running quarantine karaoke events on Instagram Live daily at https://www.instagram.com/singakaraoke/


It’s more important than ever to look after your mental health during this time of imposed isolation. Anything that people can do to make themselves feel calmer, less anxious and more sociable is to be encouraged. People are resilient, but we need to take time for ourselves.

Thankfully, singing releases feel-good endorphins and is a stress-reliever which lowers anxiety and makes us feel overall happier. Singing automatically makes us breathe deeper and longer, and encourages good posture and muscle tension – all things that will help lift our mood during these tough times! It’s also been proven that singing makes you concentrate, meaning it gives you and your mind a break from stresses and worries for a short time.

We’d recommend singing as a great way to lift your spirits. And if you don’t want to sing with others, you can always sing on your own!

For a limited time, 30 days of free Singa Premium is available at https://get.singa.com/quarantinekaraoke/ #quarantinekaraoke