Quick guide on how to organise your wardrobe

Quick guide on how to organise your wardrobe

Some days it can take a good 20 minutes to find a certain garment that you desperately need, which means it’s probably time to reorganise so you can find everything you need, and in so doing, get rid of anything you don’t use any more.

Organising your wardrobe will make your life feel a whole lot lighter. By getting rid of that top or jumper that has fallen to the back and hasn’t been worn for years, you can get a handle on the clutter and avoid mess, making your life much less stressful in the process.

Have a clear out

Clearing out your wardrobe is a ruthless business and demands you to cut ties with clothes that you still might be a little emotionally attached to but that you’ve grown out of and don’t wear anymore. You’ve got to be realistic about whether an item will make its way back into your outfits; if you haven’t worn it for over a year, it’s probably never going to happen.

What’s more, getting rid of unused clothes benefits others. Who knows, someone down the road will make your unwanted jeans a staple in their wardrobe, or lower income households can pick up great clothes for far cheaper than on the high street. The message is, don’t hold onto things that are just making mess.

Sort your clothes into categories

Now you are left with all the clothes you actually wear on a regular basis, it’s time to sort them into categories. First, start with your long pieces, like coats and dresses, so they can be hung up on a rail within your wardrobe. This way they will be stored in a way that preserves them for longer.

Then create some shelves using a Milwaukee drill and dedicate a separate shelf to your T-shirts, jumpers, jeans and trousers. You can even organise them into colours if you want to be really organised!

Keep things visible

Keeping things visible is key if you want to find your clothes quickly. Open wardrobes are a great way to do this, but that isn’t the only way. Even if you have some wooden doors on the front, you can also keep your clothes within easy reach by pulling out the sleeves so they’re visible,

It also helps to get into good habits to keep your wardrobe organised. Instead of throwing your clothes to the back of the wardrobe or on a chair after using them, take the time to hang them up or fold them properly. This way, they won’t get damaged by being screwed up and stored incorrectly. It also cuts back on the ironing too!