Recipe Box Demand Surges in Post Covid19 Era

Recipe Box Demand Surges in Post Covid19 Era

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic saw the entire hospitality industry fall as a result of measures given to control the spread of the virus. These measures came with advice to stay home and avoid frequent trips to the grocery stores and supermarkets.

An increasing number of people found comfort in food delivery options leading to a surge in the demand of recipe boxes. The sector, one of the few winners during the pandemic, is still thriving, with many people opting to order from home as opposed to in house dining.

While the meal kit model has been deemed unsustainable, many have sworn that without it, the lockdown would have taken a toll on them. Although consumer behaviour is likely to change in the long term, the trend is never-ending especially with recipe box retailers heavily discounting the products. What is likely to change, however, is the frequency for the recipe boxes.

While people fear infections that can be caused while handling recipe boxes, recipe box companies have implemented strict safety and health rules such as face coverings, frequent washing of hands and spacing out workbenches in the kitchens. Staff are also subjected to temperature checks when they arrive for work.

So, what are the options in recipe boxes? You may ask. Recipe boxes are all-inclusive. You will be spoilt for choice as they typically include any meal that you can think of.

Here are the most popular recipe boxes you may want to try out.

Feast box

Known as one of the largest websites for sourcing exotic ingredients and spices, the feast box has applied these to their recipe boxes and now offers global dishes right to your doorstep. It incorporates exotic spices such as Sichuan pepper from Sichuan province, Gelangal which is a peppery ginger-like root from Thailand and Aji Amarillo, a fruity yellow chilli from Peru.

With fresh ingredients and easy to cook recipes, the feast box may include Korean, Chinese, Indian or Japanese dishes among others. It also has vegan options. The pricing is fair, starting from £5.50 per portion. However, the cooking may not be such an easy task, which is the point anyway. It may be sophisticated as it involves new ingredients, ones you probably have not used before. If you are adventurous with food, however, you will love it and will result in an exciting meal.

Among the most popular options in the Feast box include the Massaman Curry, Naan Bhaji, Saliha’s Lamb Manty, Masala Mogo and Cauliflower & Chickpea Tagine.

To break the monotony, meals are curated weekly and can be personalized according to the number of people.


With vegan recipe boxes proving to be even more popular, a trend that can be attributed to people being more mindful of what they consume and boosting their immunity, Allplants provides readymade vegan recipe boxes. You can have your vegan meals delivered and ready to reheat, taking away the hustle of cooking away.

Starting $4.99 per person, you can get meals such as teriyaki udon, delicious pasta dishes, rich daal and healthy burrito bowls, with 22 rainbow-bright dishes to choose from. Each meal is carefully thought and includes a variety of flavours and textures. Smoothie options are also available, so be sure to pick some and enjoy alongside your meal. And you can add your treats to the meal box be it the chocolate peanut fondant or the sticky banoffee pudding!